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4/8/2010 c14 74Iniysa
Your back! We did miss you. ;) I understand about fanfic and its ability to suck up all free time, glad I'm not the only one. Hehe.

Its ashame this incredibly awesome story has come to an end, I could see some great extra chapters dedicated to a relapse or another illness from trying to do so much, getting so little sleep and under so much stress from teachers before his immune system has fully caught up...

I posted a one shot and stated that it was a one shot in the summery, marked it complete, wrote in the AN that this was a one shot, and still got reviews saying they were looking forward to the next chapter, lol. Then again I did leave it at a kind of mean end, and ideas for a second part wont leave my head...

Anyways, it's great to have you back!

4/8/2010 c14 10straywriting
Good, solid ending. Made me happy. Looking forward to your next fic.

4/8/2010 c14 72criminally charmed
HM - Should we forgive the wittle girl or not?

Yeah, ok. Well, I blame myself. Telling you school was more important than fan fiction. Sniff What was I thinking of!

OK - Quick question - which wasn't something he'd card to make a habit of before now - Is that supposed to be something he'd cared to make a habit of?

Anyhow, as one of my reviewers puts it - SQUEE! Nice wrap up. Snicker. He scares the bullies away. But back in pattern. Love it. Alan is back to worrying but he accepts that his family is who they are. Otherwise, he would't love them so much. And they still worry about him. But they had to let him be a kid for a while longer...Sniff. How sweet.

Snicker - Obviously, the food doesn't reflect the student fees, does it?


4/8/2010 c14 12foryouareanemberintheashes
YAY! -happy dance- You have no idea how happy I was to see you had updated! I acutally let out a small scream. :P But it's understandable, college is important. It deleted that two weeks before? Ouch. That sucks. And this chapter was definitely worth the wait. Loved it, loved it, loved it! That's bascially all I have to say. I'm just squeeing the entire chapter this time. Because it was awesome! And it was SO good to see something from you after so long. Later Em!

4/8/2010 c14 11clumsy.carrie
this chapter was worth the wait :} almost, anyway-you wrapped everything up very well... and I'm glad you're back on FF.
4/8/2010 c14 Pony Girl-Sakura
I loved this story. man just reading it brought back memories . you think having 4 brothers tell you not to scrach just imagin having 2 nurses telling you. by the second day i had oven mits taped to my hand,(pout).

By the way great to hear from you bump, i got woried about you when you diden't up date this story.
4/8/2010 c14 2FMA lover912
It was a beautiful ending. So Alan's quite the actor then? It was good how you remembered to include the little details like Alan still having spots, the whole Janice thing, and other little stuff like that. It was nice how you ended it with track practice since that's how you started it. All in all it was a very good story and I'm glad to see the end. I can't wait to read your next one.
4/8/2010 c14 10Angel Spirit
OMG...she's ALIVE! *gasps* I was wondering if you'd ever finish this! and it couldn't have come at a better time, I love happy endings when real life is kind of being a pill. LOL...but I completely understand the school thing too since that's where I am right now as well, it sucks not having enough time to read and write T_T I've gotten back into the SPN fandom again but find myself going back and forth between this fandom and that one, so, like I said, seeing this in my inbox was wonderful. All is well with the Tracy's (and Alan...*snickers*) once again! You were clever with this too-you started it with Alan at school and you ended it with him being there too, and having him doing well and trying to get caught up was a nice touch too-the talk with John made me squeal at the brotherlyness there. Poor John...someone's always not feeling well in that house xD I've missed your updates, but this was a treat-I KNEW you wouldn't forget about it! And LMB adds another wonderful completed fic to her pile-I think this one I might have to read from the beginning again...hehe...
4/8/2010 c14 6JourneyoftheLost
Aw, why did it have to be the history teacher that was strict unfair teacher. Haha it's alright. History's not for everyone. Glad to see that you are still around. It is understandable why you haven't been. School is much more important. Hope all is going well for you and I am glad this story was completed!
4/8/2010 c14 Seraph in Flight
Loved the ending chapter! I completely understand why you've been gone, school takes priority after all! Hopefully your back though...right...right! lol thanks for posting
4/8/2010 c14 3MichaelDavid1983
That was a great ending. It's so strange though, while I was at work today, I thought "Gee, I should re-read A Spot of Brother. I wonder if she updated it lately?" And lo and behold, it was updated. Am I wierd or what? Yeah, don't answer that. Great job. Nice to see you back.
4/8/2010 c14 angel871
I've been rereading your older stories, so I'm so pleased to see you've finished this one! I was getting a little concerned when I saw how long ago you had last posted. I loved this fic so much! I hope you continue writing, even with all of your school work. :)
3/10/2010 c13 1chocolatelover1
Oh! Awesome! One more chapter! lol

Yay! Loved the story by the way. Very cools. Loved the plot too.

Cant wait for the last update...! ^_^
3/8/2010 c13 getpink
You haven't update this story for three months! It is so long, long time since you didn't update. PLS update SOON! Don't forget you do have lot of readers and fans of this story. Your stories do ROCK!
1/30/2010 c13 9charming2drew
Awwee, I love this story!
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