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3/2 c8 GoToHornyJail
oh god, even sticking in there for Naruto to finally reappear after 6 chapters, and the first thing he does is wish them luck in the war like cannon baby bitch naruto. Oof. last update was 2014 so it's likely dead for a reason
3/2 c2 GoToHornyJail
The council telling the Hokage theyre hiding plans from her straight up and they just accept that? Man this is a really bad story so far
3/2 c19 Guest
I can’t believe the story died on a cliff hanger this was story was so amazing I just finished it and I already miss it and I find it funny that they finally got a beta reader but then no more chapters for this story
2/20 c2 bumblebee9432
I'm honestly surprised hiashi didn't hang himself.
12/23/2022 c3 nelsotan
So I like the story a lot so far based on where it’s going the only thing is when you introduce 17 or so characters in a row with a paragraph of back story it becomes tideous and mind numbing after awhile , I can’t even really remember half of them and I just read the chapter.
11/11/2022 c19 EVIL-SAGE
I seriously hope you update this cuz I really want to know what happens to hinata
11/5/2022 c8 RatherFabulous
Tsuande and Tsunade should meet. I bet they'd have a lot in common.
10/31/2022 c3 RatherFabulous
You DID realized, back when you wrote this, that “Sairento Kiringu” is just Japlish for “silent killing”, yes? So you can just say “silent killing”. No need to torture yourself writing out the “English words with a Japanese accent” technique names..
10/16/2022 c1 PaleFeed
I tried to read this but it felt like I was getting pimp slapped by a wall of text. The first two chapters are like 40000 words of only context.
10/14/2022 c13 Guest
Your story is just like the Lord of the Rings Triology,there is a backstory for everything ,but in the end it only enhances the storytelling
10/6/2022 c1 nimaroma52
Tu historia es increible por favor actualiza por favor pues es una joya en toda regla
9/13/2022 c8 Aedwards179
Those anbu are giving away way too much info to lee and friends.
9/10/2022 c19 1Itatchifanboy
This story could have been really good if there was not so much bulk of side character development who are not important.
9/5/2022 c4 LeeZanda
Ngentot. I'm speechless looking at the spelling and grammar. Not to say the wall of text. Suffice to say that I was less than pleased.
8/31/2022 c14 guest999
not a fan of the Harem either. I get that it's technically part of the Clan Restoration Act, but I can't see Naruto doing that
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