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6/11/2022 c19 Lonty Arbalest
Continue this Story Please !
6/10/2022 c18 Danirodriguez1995
Continue, please, with the story it's very good, I know I'm writing you about chapter 18, but please don't give up, it's a story that really has no comparison. I can tell you since I am a big fan of this type of stories and the truth is that they have no comparison.
6/6/2022 c1 majikss
6/3/2022 c3 bobel1990
i was Realy Expecting something like Dessert Flower from this instead of Info Dump of Naruto History...
6/2/2022 c1 Effecteyvee
what the hell did tsunade do lol? Why is Naruto so rude to her all she wanted was the best for him..
5/19/2022 c7 A Sole Reviewer
really good chapter! especially the grave scene
5/19/2022 c3 A Sole Reviewer
that was a very long chapter. i feel like introducing the characters all at once was too much. maybe try introducing as the story progresses?
5/15/2022 c2 15Draconc89
Gaara not Garaa
4/20/2022 c4 Aedwards179
yup. way too much useless information. I couldn't even read the 3rs chapter because it was literally just introducing a hundred different fucking people with at least 500 word introductions each. just ridiculous. and fucking useless. makes the thing unreadable.
4/20/2022 c3 Aedwards179
and it's Over explaining everything. how is this so high up on the website.
4/20/2022 c3 Aedwards179
way too much Japanese. can't understand half the shit being named.
4/20/2022 c2 Aedwards179
too many names in Japanese in one chapter. way too much info dumped at once. also the grammar is pretty bad.
4/20/2022 c2 Aedwards179
these banishment fanfics always give way too much power to the council.
4/20/2022 c1 Aedwards179
they just sealed his chakra network, they didn't actually destroy it. and seals can be broken and taken off. so he definitely should be able to take them off.
4/20/2022 c1 Aedwards179
I hope he takes the seals off. I hate when he turns into a seal master in these type of fanfics but never takes the chakra seals they put on him off.
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