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for The Story of Claire and Quil

10/21/2010 c72 2ShadowPix
Hi there my Australian friend ^^

I've been waiting to read this for like ages xD

My mail inbox kept on filling and I finally read through every updated chapter and new stories etc.

Also school has been extremely busy, with all the tests and homeworks :/

But Chlowie, I have some FREAKING FUZZLY GREAT FANTASTIC NEWS that I can't wait to share with you^^

I have a friggin' BOYFRIEND ^^

Can you believe it?

I can't xD

It was sooooo romantic :)

Can't wait to hear from you ^^


10/19/2010 c72 TheLovelyTruth
this is my favorite series? It is sooo awesome!

Please keep it up~
10/16/2010 c72 1flaM1nGo
oh it was fine. Update soon :) xox
10/16/2010 c72 allgirlsloveavampire
Brilliant as per usual.

lol the flowers thing actually happend at my parents wedding
10/14/2010 c72 121MayFairy
the long awaited wedding! omg it was amazing.

"doing it doggy style"

so funny!
10/13/2010 c72 1Alyssa-xo
Amazing as always. I don't know why you weren't happy with it! I really can't wait for the honeymoon ;) lol keep it up :)
10/13/2010 c72 2tonks-quinn57
Ahhhh! Update! :)
10/13/2010 c72 vampiremom1221
What's a wedding without a few hiccups right? They weren't that bad and the deed got done. I am so curious to know what all Emmett said. I know it was completely inappropriate and totally awesome. Can't wait for more.
10/13/2010 c72 AndreaElizabeth94
love it!
10/13/2010 c72 3xoaddie
! They're married! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! Lol, I'm so happy...yeah, I almost chomped my computer because you didn't review yesterday. *sniff, sniff* Broke me heart, you did. - Lol, I don't really talk like that- YAY FOR AMERICANS, haha! Sorry for not reviewing much these days but you're doing good. I think the marriage went fine, I don't like tooooooo much details. A bit of some Emmett humor would have been cool but I love Claire's impatience to get out of there so the chapter kind of fits with her and all. Sexual innuendos are hilarious. That's all I've got to say. So even though you might not write the actual honeymoon scene, you could do some of those because it fits the rating AND they're funny...double-whammy! YAY! Okay...long review, sorry. All in all: good chapter!

10/13/2010 c72 7AFlairForSelfishSkies
finally i got a profile =)great chapter update soon please
10/13/2010 c72 2laurazuleta18
Loved it

Hahah I'm sure this is the only story where things don't go exactly how everyone wanted them!

Loved it!

Please update soon!
10/13/2010 c72 1AshlenRose
It was great! Update soon! Can't wait for the honeymoon and after :)
10/13/2010 c72 spannieren
omg it was absolutely perfect - gotta love emmetts comments tho! :)
10/13/2010 c72 5violetscandy
i love it. i cant wait for the honeymoon scene. can't wait for more :)
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