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for The Story of Claire and Quil

7/24/2010 c67 BrittanysBee
Yes you used that right =P

I love Alice and I can't wait to see Huyana again!

Fantastico Chapter! 3
7/24/2010 c67 324MissingMommy
Love what nessie said about happy birthday quil part. lol. and I can't believe they did it...
7/24/2010 c67 1BookloverLaura
I love the way that Alice picks Claire up from school and attracts just about everyone's attention. Also that Claire was wondering when Quil could make toast without burning it. Love the story and I can't wait to read the next chapter.
7/24/2010 c67 twi-nighter
Yay... They finally got together! I'm glad u didn't put in too much detail... It was perfect the way you wrote it! Well done girl! Although i will say that i expected more

emotions from quil... From prior chapters he seemed so emotional about this experience that I thought it would be dripping off of him. Nonetheless it was perfect!
7/24/2010 c67 26LockDown
You didn't update on Tuesday. But I guess this chapter made up for it.

Yay, Quil and Claire got it on. Though it did require a lot of work didn't it? Phones turned off (all you people today are too addicted to your phones and I'm willing to bet can't remember the actual purpose of a cell phone), Jacob occuppied so he doesn't bother Quil (Nessie probably distracting Jacob the same way Claire was) and Embry kicked out of the house (the advantage of having Quil spent years sleeping over probably made Marylyn not even blink).

Well congrats, you've lost your ff lime cherry. I pretty much figured you'd skip over the lemon but you did the fade out at the right place so it works out really well.

Yes you used fo' shizzle right but you are a white aussie, not a black american. It's just embarrassing to try to act like something you're not.

Random fact, your story is 1 of 3 Quil Claire fics that is over 100k words. Way to go!

LockDown over and out...
7/24/2010 c67 4oohbelle
So... they did it. I was kinda sweet to see her all flustered and nervous. I would be too. I mean - it's Quil for God's sake. But anyway - I liked it. It was interesting how he told her he wanted her for a present and she took it this way. Well, with Nessie's help, but whatever.

Alice always trying to dress somebody was a nice touch too. :)

"I smiled and began my cereal, wondering when he'd get around to learning how to make toast that wasn't on fire." - This line made me crack up. I always laugh at man that cannot cook. *evil smile* :D
7/24/2010 c67 spannieren
awww amazing chapter, so sweet :)
7/23/2010 c1 swimchick857
This is so good I can't stop reading! You're such a great writer and im yearning for more each page! Thanks so much! Keep it up! :D
7/23/2010 c67 2laurazuleta18
loveddddd it!

they finally did the deed!

update soon
7/23/2010 c67 sdeeeee
Awe, how cute! Great chapter
7/23/2010 c67
OH MY GOD! It's like a Edward Bella type "honey moon" but not.. yah know? Anyways, great style, i hate lemons too. They are such a hassle to write and it's extremely awkward to write em'. I hate when a story has too many cuz then it seems like the sex is taking away from the true bond! Thats just my thinking :) I love Claire, and as always, Quil is sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Im counting down the minutes until tuesday :)
7/23/2010 c67 citrusfan
Awww i liked it, it was sweet.

You skipped out on some details bit it's reaaally cute. I like it better that way.

But I would have thought she would have woken up and been in utter bliss ? Like reaally happy. Neither of them

seen it. Buut dude, I still love you :)

7/23/2010 c67 ShadowsoftheRose
aww! yay!

Can't wait to read the next one!

~Shadows of the Rose~ (formerly ObsessedwithTwilight20)
7/23/2010 c67 Rebecca Cashin
I like it very much. I do wish for more sexy details but you can't have everything in life now can you. Keep it up. Just out of curiosity how much longer do you think this story will be? Not that I mind a long story, I prefer them actually, I was just wondering.
7/23/2010 c67 allgirlsloveavampire
That was a really great chapter prehaps you could have made some of more of it from Quils perspective like when he finds Claire at first other then that it was really good:)
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