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for No Power

10/12/2009 c1 9DelilahBlueEyes
Amazing! I'm so envious that you wrote 50 perfect one sentence stories. I can't even get one! XD

Superb stories. They all stood by themselves, but you could also turn each and everyone into a longer story.
8/26/2009 c1 26The Mad Maiden
That was such an interesting way to write a story. It all seemed to "flow" together.

A very beautiful piece.
8/22/2009 c1 48Mystikwriter
I am stunned speechless. How the hell has no one left you a review telling you how awesome these are! At this point, I am forced to admit, that people are retarded.

These one sentence stories were positively enchanting. In just one sentence you managed to capture the personalities of Jareth and Sarah, and even explained the constant battle of wills between them.

I greatly enjoyed reading these and am now going to favorite them so I can read them whenever I want.

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