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for Sasori in Bleach

5/25/2013 c1 4Shadow Kiss Canadian
I really enjoy this story. I think you should continue it, because if you don't then it would've been a “waste of time” writting the first chapter. Please Update soon!
12/10/2011 c1 2Starcloudy94
i like it
10/27/2010 c1 Grocamol
Good chapter, is Sasori good or bad in your story?
11/28/2009 c1 what the gaaah
Cool fic, Sasori's my favorite character in Naruto. The plot is amazing, but you need to check over your punctuation.
11/11/2009 c1 CalyGamer13
Please update soon, I want to see who Sasori turns into a puppet.
10/2/2009 c1 3deathnoteno1fan-codegeasslover
This sounds cool.I don't like that Sasori might become Aizen's flunky.But I can't wait till the next chapter!

9/8/2009 c1 1Luckydo0g42
is his release going to be an actual weapon since his sealed is a puppet,

Cause i think you should give him something like Hyzukimaru ))Ikkaku's Spear/Naginata(( that splits into 3 sections so he cause control it with his strings to be a mid/long/and close range weapon

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