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for Falling Too Fast

6/5/2020 c11 Guest
Wish you’d have finished
4/13/2019 c11 Tilty.bbb
This was a fantastic read well done
10/29/2017 c11 silver-stone2
are you going to finish this story ?
10/4/2017 c11 13N7 Greek-Valkyrie
You have to continue and finish this. Please!
5/26/2017 c11 Coeur D'Amertume
I hope you update soon :) love it
5/15/2017 c11 merniizztat
3/9/2017 c1 OllyOllyOxycodone
Instant drop when I read that Bella is a whore.
12/16/2016 c11 Sedgewix
Please come back and finish this story! It's to good to just sit here unfinished!
7/15/2016 c1 ZoomStraightToTheMoon
60 different people in 5 years? What else could you call someone that did that? Gross! That destroyed my desire to continue this.
2/1/2016 c11 GISA103
One of the best tale ever.
10/31/2015 c11 natcityjp
oh wow! that rocked my world. Alice is a fighter. I'm glad she told Bella how it is. I'm glad you updated. Thx.
10/20/2014 c11 Nyaaaaaaah
8/27/2014 c11 lilce1992
Bella needs to woman the fuck up and work things out with Alice
8/17/2014 c11 milagglad
sigue adelante
7/15/2014 c11 poisondart18
Really enjoying this. just read it yesterday. Cannot wait for an update. Hopefully they can finally get together!
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