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8/6/2014 c10 hinatahime666
*cries* only 10 chapters!
Draco needs to know!
2/3/2014 c10 2One-With-Darkness
Uwa, I love this story. I haven't been able to stop reading! Please update soon! 3
11/27/2013 c10 1Bashirisuku
why did they feel a spark of heat? Please write more!
11/10/2013 c10 1Daku-DarkNess316
love this story cant wait to read more
9/15/2013 c10 aminaluvr4life
Lovely story so far, I look forward to reading more in the future
9/15/2013 c10 Dark-Huntress Sam
u r so evil
I've been waiting 4ever 4 an update n u end it there!
pls more more more
4/14/2013 c9 Syssilar
This is a cute story, I hope you get the inspiration to continue.
4/9/2013 c9 cloudflower
Please, please, please update soon. This is a really interesting story and I really, really really want to read more.
1/20/2013 c9 smartipantx
Love the story so far. Please update soon!
1/9/2013 c9 Dennis
Update please.
12/2/2012 c9 3Huyu-kun
I love this sooo much...I really want more :3
9/23/2012 c9 Dark-Huntress Sam
pls update this again soon
9/2/2012 c9 greekkittyartemis
9/2/2012 c8 greekkittyartemis
LOL! Love the Hetalia reference! Of course they watch anime!
9/2/2012 c5 greekkittyartemis
Good story so far. I like it. You should probably give credit to the show H2O, but I guess it doesn't matter. You did say you own nothing. Keep writing! You've got talent and I hate it when writers just stop writing a story I've been reading.
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