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12/25/2018 c1 tio david
Very Good Very Sad it brought a tear to my eye
11/24/2018 c1 32dancingkatz
This was lovely. I have have tears in my eyes but also a smile on my face. This is the life and passing I wish I could have imagined for Kreacher. Thank you.
11/20/2018 c1 28Amarylle
Oh my, my tears are also flowing freely. This was well written, but sad at the same time.
10/18/2018 c1 JacobMunkie
F*ckin had to go and make myself cry, now didn't I?
9/29/2018 c1 3PaladinAllen
nuuu... kreacher.
6/22/2018 c1 Luke Shadowrider
why I choose to torture myself I know not but I love this story nonetheless
6/13/2018 c1 Faith 27
Damn it I can't stop crying !
Good story. (R. I. P. Kreacher and Dobby)
6/13/2018 c1 1Lunarium elf
Damn it I can't stop crying !
good story. (R. I. P. Kreacher and Dobby)
3/1/2018 c1 1akazianka1038
This is a lovely but sad story. It makes me want to hug someone. T.T
1/13/2018 c1 laraquick
Tears flowed freely ... thank you for a beautiful story.
12/12/2017 c1 lrseenleaf
Thanks. I'm crying. A good ending for Kreacher.
11/24/2017 c1 45Dante 101
This is a sad story with a sad ending and I hate sad endings. But in this case, it's a good kind of sad.

Good job.
11/12/2017 c1 1mannd1068
I loved this!
11/12/2017 c1 2MaDmAN12435
I normally don't read stories that are less than a thousand words.
I'm so glad I decided to read this anyway.
11/2/2017 c1 2Arrowman
Well done!
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