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2/23 c1 Guest
Sam was a very well rounded bad person, just hit every box of evil.
4/15/2010 c1 LittleLurker
Very good tag. Loved the emotion or rather how you wrote Dean's feelings about their situation at large and Sam not being Sammy anymore in particular. You really managed to get into Dean's head.

Just a little thing: there are few mistakes in spelling/tenses towards the end, i.e.:

"Even hell... then at least he'd still have hope" - had hope,

"as he tried to adopt his balance" - adapt his balance,

and I thought I'd noticed more while reading, but just now I can't find them anymore... anyway, I hope you won't take this the wrong way, since I really, really liked this story and also your style.

Thanks for sharing and please keep going! D.
9/22/2009 c1 143PADavis
Very good tag. The cloud of swirling emotions surrounding the two last season were represented quite compellingly here. I thought your characterization of Dean was spot on for the show - Sam didn't ring as true for S4. I wanted that to be Sam, I really did, but I saw very little of the concern or empathy for Dean that Sam used to exhibit and more of the condescension and impatience Sam hasn't shown since early S1. Tough Season to watch but I loved it.

9/8/2009 c1 86supernaturalsammy67
aww this was so beautiful hun!

i loved the way you wrote this!

loved how Sam wanted to bridge that gap! XD
8/23/2009 c1 2XxTypoMasterxX
aw, thats kinda sad how Dean doesn't want to be seen as weak in Sam's eyes. That was an awesome episode by the way, I loved it! :)
8/23/2009 c1 zuimar
Really enjoyed reading this one-shot. You're really on a roll, aren't you?

"Sex and violence" was indeed a tough episode to watch and it gets even worse in the last episodes of the season. Just watched a preview and (without spoiling too much I hope) it doesn't look like the brothers are off to a good start in season 5. But luckily there's always fanfic to read where you can read stories where episodes get a better ending ;-)
8/22/2009 c1 masondixon
Not going to tell you anything about the last 4 episodes. But I will say that you did a Great job describing Dean's inner thoughts and emotions here. The show does not tend to show the "inner Dean" so it is so good when the fanfiction writers are able to do it. And you did a very good job here. You'll see that yourself as you watch the remainder of the 4th season. Actually wish you could have gone on with this. But it does a very good job of standing on its own. Thank You.
8/22/2009 c1 pandora jazz
You really captured the brothers pain in this story.

So sad that Sam didn't notice at first that Dean was injuried.

The way you wrote Dean, one could feel his depression. The lines, 'What was the use of coming back to find his brother gone already?'

He relished the pain, relished the heat – anything to take his mind off the torture that awaited him just beyond that door, the very earthly torture of a brother he didn’t recognize anymore, that didn’t trust him anymore. Anything to make him feel again – feel something other than this emptiness...

Dean had thought that he’d saved Sam, had saved him by going to hell, never realizing that in doing that, he’d condemned his little brother to hell as well.'

I liked the scene where Sam was taking care of Dean, though could see Dean not wanting to open his eyes. 'All he wanted to believe was, that when he woke up again, he’d have Sam back - that they’d be brothers again.'

Heartbreaking story, but "S&V" was a heartbreaking episode.

Thanks for sharing your story with us.
8/22/2009 c1 dcp8
I really liked this story, it was lovely to see that even with all the things going on their lives and between each other, they still care and hope to be fine again... I think you should write another chapter of this story.

good job :)
8/22/2009 c1 22Psychee
"What was the use of coming back to find his brother gone already?"

I really liked this line and in a way it summed up season 4.
8/22/2009 c1 grea8read
Love Dean-allowing himself to be weak, for one moment - choosing the easy way, one time. So touching.

Loved it.

Thank you again for sharing your time and talent.
8/22/2009 c1 jensengirl4eva
Great story. You captured the brothers pain in Season 4. Great, Great.
8/22/2009 c1 217Micaiah
Great story. You captured all the pain that both boys were feeling.
8/22/2009 c1 4alwaysateen
Great story!

We could see how much the brothers didn't trust each other after that particular hunt, it was so scary.

But at least Sam is trying, that's good. If only Dean would let him but he's been deeply cut, both in Hell and when he returned with Sam...
8/22/2009 c1 badaiwind
Dean have the right to feel despondent.

Even someone with bright/cheer personality, could have fallen into despair.

The lack of rest, continuous nightmare, desolation, despair and guilt will bring someone down.

Sam's confession when he thought Dean is not awake is useless.

He should have realise that Dean endurance has been push to the limit.

No that I blame it solely on Sam, since his been little preoccupied with Demon b*h.

But, Dean will prevailed. He will endured it for Sam and for his ownself worth, value and purpose.

Fate will only give for what you can endure. No more no less.

Have a nice weekend. :)
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