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for Fangrlz: Deleted Scenes

1/28/2012 c3 29Jodeh
Gaara's very worried about eye brows now! XD
11/21/2010 c5 6Katarina Wolffe
Awwwwww... that just melted my heart with it's intense kawaii-ness... :)
10/9/2010 c5 Kakashiz
Oh my goodness I love it! It's so cute!

"Are you coming in or not?" I love that the most!
8/28/2010 c5 katsekala
I loved the story, so I don't find any reason not to love this as well! Great job! Many kisses!
6/14/2010 c5 8epic-failure-yea-i-know
Awwww panda-chan-kawaii!
4/26/2010 c5 7AnnaRobsZombies

how many times does Kaitlyn hide under the damn desk?

3/29/2010 c5 8LinzRW
AH! So cute! But why? why? why? won't you write one from Sasuke's POV. *weeps* I love all your pairings and can't wait to read Neji's, but what about Sasuke? Let his voice be heard!

Update soon, I love your writing

~Flame Jnr
3/28/2010 c5 2rezmutt
this is just cute. Gaara is so...not cute exzactly but something like it. this is first rate fluff.
3/28/2010 c5 2ELMO-kibafangirl11
aww! That was just too cute :3

...Well, obviously not TOO cute, because otherwise I'd be, y'know, dying of cuteness.

Right now.


While I'm meant to be doing my homework. ^^;;


This was a lovely chapter - or, rather, deleted scene - and I cant wait for some more C:
3/27/2010 c5 1Tsuki Kiba Kumori
good chapter :3 i like how you did the fluff, very cute!
3/27/2010 c5 3DeeaE

Gaara is in love!

la la
3/27/2010 c5 Deathy
Ah! Katie!

. . . *faints*

That was so adorable! Lol. Now I feel like I'm floating. ((I always feel that when reading fluff. Lol. It's just so cute~ ^^))
3/26/2010 c5 Elfelou
It's great!I cannot wait for the new chapter for Fangrlz 2 + Fangrlz deleted scene, I count on you!Good luck ;)
3/26/2010 c5 11MikaZuki Blood-AngelofDarkness
3/26/2010 c5 11Thomas Drovin
Welcome back with the famous Deleted Scenes! That was real cute what Gaara did there, those feelings mean he's in love. Of course as he has never BEEN in love before is why he wasn't so famillair with them, *Chuckles*

Yes he really DOES have an answer for the letter to the council now, shame Katlyin and her friends had do GO. At least they came back so he could still send it! Great work as always, see you next update!
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