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11/25/2015 c1 3sammyfromtheblock
Love the start!
4/6/2010 c37 BrilliantDance
That was really awesome! I like the whole idea of a murder mystery game. Can't wait for the next.
3/17/2010 c36 brilliantdances
That was great! Very interesting.

Can't wait to see how it unfolds.

Did you hear about Kish, by the way? D;
3/8/2010 c35 brilliantdances

George is worse that Todd! XD

Great chapter, can't wait to see what happens next!
12/15/2009 c30 49FanWoman18
good chapter.
12/13/2009 c29 FanWoman18
love the chapter and i can't wait for more.
11/9/2009 c26 FanWoman18
its a good chapter and i really hope Oliver's dad gets his but kicked for what he's planning on doing. Its just wrong.
11/3/2009 c25 FanWoman18
i love the story and i can't wait for you to write more of it. keep up the great work.
11/2/2009 c25 Cathy
Great chapter yet again. :) Can't wait for the next.
10/28/2009 c24 BrilliantDance
Meatloaf sandwitch? Ew XD

Great chapter, sorry I haven't reviewed your other one, it's been a busy couple of weeks. :)

Can't wait for the next.
10/19/2009 c23 brilliantdances
Great chapter! Kish3
10/16/2009 c22 brilliantdances
Great chapter. I like Jack & Bella. :)

Also I'm glad Oliver blew off Juan for Kyle. aww:)

I wonder if Juan is gonna make trouble?

Can't wait for the next chapter!
10/9/2009 c21 brilliantdances
Great chapter! I loved it.

Can't wait till they catch Roxy and Barabara. :)

Can't wait until the next chapter.
10/8/2009 c20 brilliantdances
Another great chapter. :)

Can't wait for more.

I hate that we have to log in every three days to review. Blah.
9/29/2009 c19 brilliantdances
Yes! Kyle should tell Oliver and Oliver will tell Kyle he has a secret admirer too and then they will figure out it's Barbara and Roxy! XD

Great chapter. Can't wait for more!

I'd have another chapter or 2 up in my story, but I had things to watch on TV all evening.

Heroes, House, Castle, One Tree Hill, and I taped overlapping stuff. XD
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