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for Concession

10/2/2014 c1 Chaotic Good
NO! politics are not fun! and good story seriously! but this next statement can only be enjoyed fully when phrased in an exceedingly insulting manner, you didn't have the balls to make this a full on lemon?
5/25/2014 c1 ArcherShirou
lucky ferret
3/7/2014 c1 JustAFool
Nanoha was neglected? She had two siblings seemed to be doted on. I guess fanfiction leeway.
1/16/2014 c1 21edboy4926
Good story
8/1/2011 c1 Savaris
Good fluff, this. Good take on Yuuno's POV... I also think he would back off since he thinks Nanoha and Fate are going out with each other, hence canon route.

Now that I think of it, out of the cast he's the only one I see that has no one else to connect... I mean Erio's got Caro, Chrono got married and don't even get me started on Thoma. Yuuno just kind of faded into the background, the "demotion shtick" imposed into his role... he's probably resigned himself to grow old and die alone if they ever make a POV OVA on Yuuno reminiscing on his life... Ugh, I'm ranting again... Good work, anyway.
2/2/2011 c1 7kaossparrow
OT3s will never not be awesome. And this series has so many!
8/3/2010 c1 GoldenDragon326
You know. I hadn't really thought of it this way. ^.^

it fits. Really well. ^.^

This... trio... really... Erm... works out.

^.^ I enjoyed the story. ^.^
7/20/2010 c1 7DrunkenGrognard
d'awwww... now I need to read the rest...
2/13/2010 c1 EspyLacopa
Still a bit disapointed that Yuuno got such a bit role in StrikerS.
1/26/2010 c1 3Dr. Rondart
Aw, very nice plot. I was about to make something similar as a continuation of my stories, but you beat me to it. Nice job on making all the feelings mutual.

Good stuff, good stuff. Politics are fun indeed. I accept this ceasefire agreement wholeheartedly.

Signed, The Doctor.
10/1/2009 c1 1Dragon Lord Coker
you win
8/27/2009 c1 KillerQueen118
Great job. politics are so much fun i could die in two seconds lol Keep up the great work!
8/24/2009 c1 36Syaoran Li Clow
Even so, despite everything around them, they’re capable of admitting their feelings for each other. Way to go Yuuno, this time you’re the man.

How long can you pretend not to care for someone? How long will it take to your heart to forget those feelings? It’s impossible, you can fool others but not yourself. This time, Fate couldn’t hide her feelings for Yuuno from Nanoha, and so Yuuno couldn’t hide his feelings for both of them. Ignorance is bliss, but the truth will set you free… it really fits their case.

Well, those tricky bastards wanted children from the Aces, now they’ll get them.

Thumps up for this story as well; hopefully someday will grant your wish.
8/24/2009 c1 Nightgazer333

They are so cute here!

I love this trio you have made!^_^

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