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for I don't need a bodyguard

10/7/2017 c21 3Fictionlover87
That was good I enjoy reading it I want more
9/7/2017 c21 2nekolovesyou
love it plz update
6/5/2013 c21 2Akira Akahoshi
hmmmm... i like this story maby even love it so plese... UPDATE!
1/13/2013 c21 8Theia Pallas
Omg! Such a dominant Shika!
4/24/2012 c21 gabyxx21
I loved looking forward to the next chapter
7/30/2011 c2 bostafu
Ah gosh, how in the world can he manage all that with a bullet shot wound on his shoulder. My shoulder was starting to ache just thinkibg about it.
2/9/2011 c21 40brokenfromthepast
This was a fantastic story, and I really liked it! I hope that everything will be alright for Naruto and Shikamaru. Hope that Orochimaru will get out of their lives soon! Update soon!
2/3/2011 c20 horny as always
please make the next ch i want to see shikamarus revenge on naru+

im so heated please make the next ch
1/18/2011 c20 shikamaru and naruto lover
lol i luv this so much make another ch to this
1/4/2011 c20 brokenfromthepast
This is really fantastic and I can't wait to read more when it's available. I hope that everything will be alright for Naruto and I can't wait to see their relationship bloom. Update soon!
12/29/2010 c20 10xXxXxRoxasFanGirlxXxXx
I'm glad that your alive and well and this was a very humorous chapter.
12/29/2010 c20 DarkRavie
Another very good chapter. I look forward to reading what happens next in your fic.

Happy Holidays!
11/29/2010 c19 9Lunar Tokala
Not a big fan of shika being uke or of KyuuShika, but it was still good. Can't wait to read more ^-^
10/23/2010 c19 Normandiesh



Pst. Love this and can't wait for the next one! ;DDD

©Written with love,Normandiesh
9/21/2010 c19 10xXxXxRoxasFanGirlxXxXx
I like this Story and I can't wait for more to come out.
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