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5/26/2019 c3 6TekoloKuautli
It has an interesting start, my only question is how old is Kagome?
5/26/2019 c1 TekoloKuautli
This is interesting, wolf's rain is so different to Inuyasha, there is this feeling of impending doom and fighting against an already lost cause while the other is cheerful in its brutality but very hopeful.
I like how you wrote Kagome as a child, she acts like an actual child to begin with :)
3/26/2018 c3 KenjiChan622
Pls continue posting this story
5/13/2016 c3 1Foxluna
I wonder how Kiba will react to her traveling to the past? When she's started her journey anyways lol. And Kagome can still be his paradise.
5/11/2016 c3 X
I'm glad your continuing this story.
5/11/2016 c3 sousie
i love it
thank for the update
2/14/2016 c2 X
Does this mean this story won't ever be updated?
1/25/2016 c2 Guest
please update!
1/17/2016 c2 Anonymous
Please update, there are barely any wolfs rain crossovers and this is good
12/31/2014 c2 Shadow Wolf 15846
12/26/2013 c2 TheCheshireCat01
More please!
11/16/2013 c2 CrystalVixen93
Can't wait to see what happens next so I hope u update again soon plz.
10/7/2013 c2 Guest
keep it up kibaxkag please i love this
7/11/2013 c2 NamiHello
please do the next chapter!
1/21/2013 c2 LilGreyCat101
please update
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