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9/1/2021 c39 Guest
*coughs* did nobody tell wolfwind42 about the whole "don't like, don't click" guideline of internet etiquette or... sry, just blows my mind how somebody could see something clearly marked Alex/Yassen, know that they don't like the ship, and still take the time to click on it and leave an unhinged rant about it. Too funny.

More importantly, this was amazing. I just read the first few revamped chapters on AO3 and then ran to to finish off what was written... this is incredible. Everything about ch 38 abandoned especially was just... wow. Hope I'm not annoying for saying that I really hope you return to this at some point, it's so well-done and I am eager to see how Alex and Yassen reconnect and get together! X
7/20/2021 c27 wolfwind42
What the FUCK is wrong with people who ship Alex and Yassen? The man is twenty years older, and tried to kill and torture Alex on multiple occasions. They have no chemistry besides getting information from each other and MAYBE respecting each other a little as enemies. That would be an incredibly disturbing and toxic relationship. There was no evidence anywhere in the books that even hinted at Alex LIKING Yassen in any way shape or form nor Yassen liking Alex. Not to mention that Yassen's final words are instructions for Alex to go find(and presumably join) the largest and deadliest terrorist organization in the world, the same organization that killed Alex's parents. So I ask again; WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE WHO SHIP ALEX AND YASSEN?
6/21/2020 c39 17light-hearted
i reread this entire work in one sitting and it leaves me breathless every time. i love how you write alex and his trauma and insecurities, and how they fit in so perfectly together with the story. this is sooo good even if it's not completed; each drabble is basically a gem on its own. still looking forward to your updates!
6/21/2020 c16 light-hearted
This chapter, despite its short length, is amusing and showcases Alex's dry humour really well! I love how despite the light-hearted tones, it addresses the more sombre thoughts Alex has
6/21/2020 c14 light-hearted
I love the minute details and delirious thoughts that Alex has, it's both funny and adorable
6/21/2020 c11 light-hearted
Ugh, this is my fourth? fifth time rereading this chapter and it still hits as if I read it the first. The action scenes are so well strung together, and Alex's reactions at the end were so apt. It really puts a stupid smile on my face AHAHA
9/21/2019 c1 lav-has-an-account
7/24/2019 c39 crocodile trooper
wow this is super well written and captivating ! read it all in one go
8/6/2017 c2 Guest
The effect with the bad guy-good guy thing was great!
6/12/2017 c1 Pleasereadme
Hi! I have been following this since 2010 and I've been dying for an update. I have read over 1000 fanfics (Harry potter, Alex rider, etc) but this masterpiece will always be my number 1 favourite. I'm not sure if you will ever read this but if you do, please could you let me know what happens? I've been such an avid fan for so long and I just need to know what happens after yassen leaves in 'abandon'. I know its unlikely that you will write any more chapters... But maybe you could put up another chapter just bulletpointing what would have happened.
You are a seriously amazing writer.
Lauren x
3/17/2017 c39 1uwishuwerecool
pls write more love story
10/16/2016 c39 Yukino
It was amazing, thanks so much
10/8/2016 c39 3reedeem
Oml this is too good. Spot on with the characters, specially yassen. Ugh man, I'm sad it hasn't been continued hope ur still writing it
9/30/2016 c39 yummypie193
I know this is kinda late, but please continue!
8/9/2016 c38 4origami fish
it doesn't look like you'll ever return to this, but i still want to let you know how much i love love love it. and how miraculous it would be and how happy i would be if you updated this. the Alex and Yassen interactions feel so plausible and real and i'm so jealous you're able to portray them so well. people who ship them kind of either rush them into a relationship (unrealistically) or they don't and i'm left unsatisfied (i'm thinking, please hurry up), but here i'm content even though they're not quite together (though i do hope they'll get together before the very end; it'd be nice to have some one-shots centred around them being together).

i love how you skillfully include the word prompt into each one-shot - in a clear yet subtle way. without the prompts, this would still work well as a non-linear story. at first, i was a little worried that this would be confusing to follow, but the timeline turned out to be very straightforward and easy to follow.

the way you write is beautiful too. the little details you put in, the way you structure your sentences... it makes me want to read more and more... i even enjoyed the chapters without Yassen in them (though i have to say the best parts in my opinion are when Alex and Yassen are both present). i haven't read the chapter 'Dreams' yet but i really wanted to leave a review before i forget. i love how Alex notices the blue sky outside when Yassen leaves. this chapter's so sad... Alex was thinking earlier what was the worse Yassen could do if he told him the truth. he was thinking maybe hit him or kill him, but he never considered that Yassen would abandon him and maybe out of the three, this is the worse one. this can't be the last time they see each other!

i feel so inspired to do the 100 themes challenge from reading your story - maybe not for Alex Rider, but some other section cause i get the feeling mine would be too similar to yours since i like it so much.

please update?
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