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10/26 c18 ExperimentFish
"...Grab Maya's ass and call it yummy" is a quote in this fic. It is not representative of what goes on at all, but it's there.
10/24 c23 1MooseTracks101
Took me long enough, but here we go. This is definitely one of my favorite eva fics. Although, I dropped it once before picking it up again. I really enjoy all the character interactions in this fic, whether it’s wholesome or angsty. Your fics are great, can’t wait for the epilogue. :)
10/24 c23 IllusoryMist
It’s been a few months since I read this story, and revisiting portions has made clear that this is such a unique perspective. The amount of influence and passion for this story is simply breathtaking. Though I prefer Relapse, this story is still a gem to the EVA fanfic community, and it should remain that way long into the future. I’m forever glad this was one of the first that was recommend to me. For balance, I’ll read Russia’s Last Gasp in honor of Dmitri. Take care!
10/3 c23 Guest
Hey man ..just finished this ...awesome read
10/1 c10 18APIII
Hm, I don't mind the new character. Seems a bit too edgy, but I suppose no more so needlessly ruthless than Mari was needlessly optimistic. Ristuko seems a bit too... normal though
10/1 c8 APIII
I have to admit, I'm not the biggest fans of the first person POV segments. To be fair, I don't like first person at all, haha. Still, seeing it in a story otherwise predominant in the 3rd pov is off putting.
9/30 c6 APIII
I'm glad to see you're aware that the formula was getting a bit repetitive, and will be shaking things up next chapter. Still, I personally enjoy longer stories and this chapter too.
9/30 c4 APIII
A bit drawn out, but I can appreciate the pacing certainly leaving me wanting more.
9/30 c3 APIII
Okay. A lot darker than I imagined, and the character's seem a bit... too aggressive. But, for the sake of the story, they're reasonable reactions.
9/30 c2 APIII
Very interesting to hear you're not a native speaker. I'm much the same, though I would've never guessed it from your writing. It's very well put together!
9/30 c1 APIII
Been hearing lots about this story in the Asushin Discord, can't wait to see!
9/23 c23 3Greg242
Now here's a biig disclaimer. Since I read this I've succumbed to the effects of DB branded WAFF, so some judgements might not be ""totally impartial"". But who am I to give a fuck? It's my review so just like my stories I'm making it personal hell yeah!

Alright so… where do I begin?

I'll start by saying that my memory of the entire story is not too fresh. It was literally the first evangelion fanfic that I have ever read and I can say that it left me speechless when I finally finished it.

I started it back during the pandemic, during mid July, at the peak of my "consoom" period for evangelion stuff.
I remember that the first time I came across your version of Asuka I was… I don't really remember the exact feeling, but I was kind of saddened?

It was the first time I read someone change her character, like at all, yet the fic handles her so well that I never got alienated by reading about her.

I can't say that I wasn't hurt during some *scenes* which we both know which they are, but that's where the best thing about this fic comes in; the awesome balance between pain and relief. Or more like frustration and relief.

This is very much present in all your other eva stories (except the judo one? I don't remember) and it's my favorite aspect of your writing. You are able to put the reader on this roller-coaster of emotions that goes everywhere throughout your fic. There are both slow rises and fast descents, then sometimes it's a slow calm moment at the bottom of the track or even so high up that the heart starts jumping out of the reader's chest.

That's another thing that I really like about ST too, the fact that even for how bad the situation looked, I could still feel that tension between them. Even in the birthday scene! The fucking birthday scene! (Here there is a clear Side effect of the cute shit present in later chapters)

Anyway moving on.

I liked all the other characters and although I don't really remember what most of them did in the fic, I do know that I really liked Gendo. I'll be honest, before this fic I really hated Gendo, his confession in EoE simply left me unsatisfied, but hey it was my first time watching it, so it was easy to misunderstand something.

But when I saw ST's Gendo trying to go back to Shinji and at least showing some care for him (I really don't remember these smaller subplots sorry), I started growing some empathy towards him and now I don't hate him anymore.

Or at least the original version. Now I just hate his rebuild version and Yui. Both her series and rebuild version.

What about Dmitri you might ask?

Well I was still too "illiterate"? To understand what an actual Mary Sue, or Gary Stu in his case, was, given especially the language barrier,so I got kind of confused when you mentioned it in the notes ahah. Still I liked him and I do even now. Sure he might be a bit op at times but who am I to judge given my own stories.

Like seriously the Slayer can just take down a 100 meter supernatural titan easily, how the hell do you balance that?

Anyway his own personal story was really good and the final fight he takes part in is really just fucking awesome. I liked that after all that he just shows up and meets Misato at the end lol. I really can't wait for the epilogue.

Aand that's what I have to say for now basically, it's one of my favorite stories I've ever read and I can't deny that it is also a tiny bit responsible for me being a writer today. It might have it's issues, sure, but what story doesn't have them? And given how many good words and chapters there are, these start to fade away or they simply vanish. (Like shit 500k words is no joke)

I can't really think of a way to end this review, so I'll just tell you that I can't wait for the next chapters to any of your other stories, heck maybe even the epilogue ahah.

Godspeed DB, it was truly a fun ride and until next time…See ya!
9/23 c22 3Richitzer
Despite the age showing and being a passion piece of the author, I enjoyed my readthrough of this.
It was pretty good.
Do less drugs, they're bad mmkay?

Love the growth I can see from here to your other work. Best of luck writing that epilogue. 3
9/23 c23 4TheOneAndOnlyErik
9/23 c23 1B4asileus
DB give the epilogue to us, we want it, we need it
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