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3/5/2018 c1 ZayneLvLz
Ah crap srry. That last guest review about word walls was me. Thought i was logged in lol srryz.
3/5/2018 c18 Guest
One thing i wish to say about yout writing though now that ive read thru this story a second time. Word walls. I love all the info and the thoughts and info you give and describe. But u pack them all into one paragraph. It bores the mind -for lack of a better explanation on my part- and gets exhausting reading each word thru that tightly packed mass of letters.

Id suggest splitting them up some. Maybe with a shift of focus or something like the character changing position in bed.

But eh in the end im an inexperienced writer who has yet to continue a single peice or work thru the initial few chapters so take this opinion with a grain of salt if u will.

Thanks again for the hard work and cant wait for more.
2/27/2018 c19 ZayneLvLz
Just wow. The character development. Tge story. Its all so life like. Well described. So well written. I used to think 2nd Try by JimmyWolk was the best Eva fanfic and my favorite (personal opinion of course. Biased af ShinSuka fan so im sure theres alot of good stories im missing) followed by Crazy-88's Once More with Feeling. But i can honestly say this story took me by surprise and devastated all my expectations. This story that i missed so many times during my searches thru the Eva fanfic list. I do believe this is my favorite Eva fanfic now. Maybe and favorite fanfic in general, and im big on Naruto fanfics and I've reread 2nd Try many many times. But this i kno once this one is done ill reread many many more.

I cant wait till the next chappy. Thank you for all the hard work.
2/26/2018 c19 Guest
Honestly one of the best fanfics I’ve read and I’m eagerly waiting for more
2/16/2018 c19 zoie2asuka
Thank you for your efforts! I really love this fiction and have read it 3 times o(_)o hope you update it soon! It’s my top five favourite fictions until now~
12/5/2017 c19 4RagnartheSemiGreen
So, I owe you something of an apology. I had read the first part of this story way, way back when I was first getting into fanfiction, and very much enjoyed it, as it presented me with something I'd never seen before in fanfic in general, or Eva in particular. A while later, I reread the story as it was, and while I remained impressed by the canon characters and your grasp of them, I thought that the Mar(t)y Sue had scuttled the story, and that it was dead. Based on that assessment, I ignored the notifications letting me know that the story lived on, assuming that it'd be on the same level as your earlier writing and with more Mar(t)y Sue antics.

I recant that assumption, as I have been incredibly impressed with your resumed story. I'm reading it as I wait for a new chapter of Veering Left to come out and/or a new chapter of Advice & Trust, and all three works are incredible. You've grown tremendously as a writer and as a storyteller, and I thank you for sharing Scar Tissue with us.

Stick the landing, man!
12/1/2017 c19 7Panther2G
Let's hope Dmitri gets his wish... and a perfectly-synched Asuka and Shinji carve him up like a Christmas turkey without breaking a sweat. And then go home to a nice dinner followed by Asuka finally getting that bite she wanted. :)
11/15/2017 c19 Cibolm
I...eh, damn. It's hard for me to find the words to truly tell how much I like this story. Well, maybe it is just because I am somewhat Angst and Hurt/comfort fetishist. Only this kind of ffics can cause these...stabs in your heart, you know? And your ffic is just stuffed with it.
Not just some kind of depressing beginning, but the whole damn story. Awesome. Also, I would like to note that those bits of 'Angst' appears even after the situation between Asuka and Shinji somewhat stabilized. That was the first reason why I like, no...love this story. The second one is your style of writing. After I had downloaded some Evangelion fanfics in the FFiction's official app, I just let them to gather dust somewhere in the corner. However, once I got some guts to begin reading, I was beyond astonished. Your style reminds so much of Evangelion's. I wouldn't believe that it is possible to stick so closely with original style that I so happened to like a lot as well. Well, maybe this point didn't sound this convincing, but it is almost as huge as the first one. Thank you for writing this. P.S.: As a Russian reader, I wait for Dmitry to appear drunk in one chapter or another. Also, I shared a good laugh from' the Yaytsa etogo parnya' phrase, which was completely unexpected. Well, I guess it is all I managed to tell you about.
10/24/2017 c19 Guest
I can usually get over a bunch of the fights in this story, but one dude taking on like 9 bigger men was a bit much. Guess he truly is a super soldier because damn that's impossibly impressive.
10/12/2017 c19 3Riset36
Why the heck are there so many Russian bad guys in Eva fics? ( no, can't remember specifics, just a Crown of Stars and some warlords in that fic which ended worse than Third Impact. Madness! )
Nah, I'm good. Anything for a good story. Also, he's not actually a Mary Sue, at least, not one hundred percent. I mean, Mary Sues don't generally suffer mental and physical damage for years, even in a backstory.
Dmitry is more of a Vader. ("snickers while imagining a Project X Eva vaguely resembling Sith Armor with a Progressive Laser Saber, then starts laughing madly")
Ahem, I mean, he is an imposing, nigh all-powetful antagonistic figure, which was both traumatized to make it more human-like and holds a deep, personal connection to the protagonist. Or something like that.
So. I guess he's all good.
I wouldn't believe the amount of waff and angst in the story if I didn't read it myself. You drowned me in the stuff, man. Honestly, I just felt like watching a train run over a school bus, then explode, then reassemble, repair the school bus and tell to it that it was sorry, and I realize that this metaphor ( or simile?) has gotten way out of hand, but that's really the only way I could describe my feelings. Fascinating.
While I in no way find myself adequate to point it out, but have you considered using a writer with an autocorrecting feature, cause it's clear as day you do know the language, it's just these humongous chunks of text you insist on calling chapters or chappies are getting loooooonger with each time, and while I do realize you're doing it for fun in your free time and the mistakes are clearly not as frequent or serious as to diminish my enjoyment of the story... ("looks at the sentence, feels vaguely embarrassed, decides to rewrite it, feels too lazy, writes a script-like half-assed description of his thought process and leaves it as it is")
You know what, forget what I've just said. Okay? Okay.
Nice story, would be waiting for more, and I'm not in a hurry, so, uh, take your time and stuff?
10/4/2017 c19 FamousFox89 aka the black Crow
Back from the dead! And what a great Comeback!
10/4/2017 c18 CubicPastry
holy moly it's an update. Guess I should read it all again cause I forgot everything.
10/1/2017 c19 AnonReviewer
It does me good to see this is still being written. Not a lot of stories get updates after sitting quiet like this one does, and this is 100% one of the stories I'm most glad to see getting the update from out of left field.
This story began with an incredible intensity that I can only imagine must take a whole lot out of you to write. No pulled punches, the psychological rawness of that first couple of chapters provided one hell of a hook, and where some lose steam after a strong bound out of the gate, you've been remarkably consistent. Even the more saccharine moments feel all the more real when you do such a fantastic job of building up to them, make them feel like something 'earned'.
There are so many great stories that never get conclusions, but I'm glad that it's feeling like we will be getting on for this. You've built a body of work that deserves an end, and I hope that whatever it is that you pull from that gives you the inspiration and steam to keep putting out such amazing stuff continues to feed your work, in this and in any other projects you undertake.
9/26/2017 c19 4Spazzzh20
Hey great job, one small nitpick Hikari is 14 at this point not 15 her birthday is January 15 2002. I really like Hikari and think that she is an underutilized character can you celebrate her birthday in the next chapter? wiki/Hikari_Horaki
9/24/2017 c19 1zeroliken
I really appreciate adding the fighting style references you used on the characters. It makes the scenes feel a lot vivacious and helps me visualize how the fights go down.
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