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10/11/2015 c17 7Panther2G
Well, that was a big hit after a gap!

Poor Asuka. Just get more hugs, kid. Hmm... have they even kissed since moving in together?
Eh on the angst and Russians. I'm perfectly fine with all the WAFF. They've been through enough crap already. Just watching them fumble their way towards recovery, happiness, and each other is plenty.

Eager for more. Keep it rolling!
10/10/2015 c17 jtdarkman
This is absolutely amazing. God I missed this fix I had to catch up and I'm so glad I did your an amazing writer and I've thoroughly enjoyed this ride so far. Thanx
10/8/2015 c15 Zeroblade
Holy shit you're alive! Time to get cracking on this novel of a chapter
10/6/2015 c1 warpinginbalance
Love this story deathbringer. this chapter was awesome.
10/4/2015 c17 Malevolo
Hello deathbringer374, this could be my first review, because well… I'm an awesome leecher and have been reading your history for about… four years, so yeah, I really like your history, so thank you for your awesome job on this piece of art.

Well, let's talk about the chapter; it was intense, the coming of Shinji Beast to "talk" to Asuka Beast is awesome, seriously, I can feel the talk in my heart, like two monster sitting around a table, with the two children watching them quarreling about something petty, the sanity of them.

Sorry for not making a longer review, but I can't put on words what your history can make me feel.
10/3/2015 c17 21jcmoorehead
Finally caught up with this. Looking forward to seeing how it develops from here on out. I'm really hooked and will be eagerly anticipating notices of this in my inbox going forward. I really enjoyed the WAFF mixed in with the Angst here, I know you brought that up in your notes. As you said this is a fic based on an anime and when reading you have to take that into account. You have to allow for their world to not quite match up to how ours does. With that said I thought it was mixed in well, for me the point of having angst there is to eventually rise out of it. If something is 100% Angst all the time then it begins to become a chore. You need a balance of both. That is Evangelions message after all, because as bleak as it is it ends on a good note.

So with this chapter, the dual piloting system was mixed in well. I like the introduction of Rebuild elements like that. The resolution of their issues was well played too. This is what happens in any relationship, you have peaks and troughs and it's down to communication. The problem with the Eva characters is the lack of communication and this is what they're learning.

Keep up the good work, as said looking forward to seeing how it moves forward.
10/2/2015 c17 ims
Pretty much like this development, but am a bit annoyed by the Beast. Seriously, fuck the Beast. By no rule or sketch or logic or whatever it should have had ANY place to do what it did in this chapter.

Shinji is NOT a hybrid. He doesn't have a eva or a core at his disposal. Even if he had, in this situation he has only a lesser synchronization. Its pure bullshit for this stupid deus ex machina to appear and stimp like it did.
10/1/2015 c15 jcmoorehead
Just got up to this point after really delving into this fic over the last few days. As I said in my previous review I'm still really enjoying it. Seeing how it has developed over the course of the chapters has been an absolute treat in all aspects.

I'm a fan of the way you have Shinji's interactions with Gendo play out. Shinji acting cold in the way he does is something I can imagine happening. I think those two are someone who could reforge a relationship but it'd be a very slow process unlike say Shinji and Asuka where I think it'd be a quicker process would they just communicate more.

Looking forward to reading the next two chapters. Also once again commending you on the music taste. Winery Dogs are a fine band :)
10/1/2015 c17 Guest
I see the reviewer below me has not actually read your story. In fact, maybe he has not even watched Evangelion. Otherwise I can not understand how someone would claim Asuka was a borderline Mary Sue in canon and your story. She is portrayed as a very flawed character in both.

And she was the better fighter in the series, too. She had been training for a decade. So Rei did, but she was hindered by an inferior war machine, and her drive was inferior. On the other hand, Shinji had less training but he had a natural talent and the most powerful model. Each pilot had strengths and weaknesses. Why then Asuka was defeated by the MP-Evas? Easy answer if you actually watch the scene: she almost won but she ran out of time and they regenerated. Anyway, if she lost, then she is very obviously not a Mary Sue.

Sigh. Disregarding out-of-place, out-of-nowhere, character-bashing rants, I must say I liked the last chapters.

I agree, you can not keep it dark and angsty the whole time. Conflict drives a story, but it must be meaningful conflict. Drama for the drama's sake is boring. Your story is dark, starting off with the characters fallen inside a pit... and trying to climbing towards the light. THAT is meaningful conflict.

I was pretty surprised when Shinji said he would defend himself. Apparently, therapy HAS worked on him. Or maybe he truly realized he can not help Asuka by being a punching bag.

Tsk, tsk, tsk. A relapse, Asuka? Remember: you must learn to control your temper.

At least both kids are talking about their problems openly. Finally! They are learning!

Anyway... Shinji let Asuka hit him because he thought he deserved it after that he did to her. Asuka wanted to Rei hit her because she thought she deserved it after accidentally attacking Shinji. They are REALLY the same.

And now they will fight together. Cool. If they work together, combining her fighting skills and his berserker brutality, they may win after all.

I hope they win and survive the next battle. They deserve to happy after enduring so much crap.
10/1/2015 c16 Anon E. Moose
I'm beginning to dislike how much the story is focused on Asuka.
Asuka's Eva Unit, her averting the impact and Shinji only bystander uselessly worrying but in effect doing nothing.

At least the in fics often occuring bullshit with Asuka being superior in everything is being kept down.
I hope it stays that way since it's frankly to me more unbelievable than the Evas to have a child that manages to shave off at least ~8 years of education while also being somehow magically talented and good at everything she does and someone wants her to do; when it happens often enough that people simply fail or just not good no matter how hard they try.

Yet Asuka is not only child of an Eva Project scientist but also just happens to be good piloting?
Ok, granted, so we have a story. But why have her be disbelief-straining good at so many other, for the story unnecessary things, too?
A really bad moment was when she somehow gave that seasoned soldier, their combat instructor, trouble. That's just not believable.
And, for the story, not good since it makes in my opinion Shinji only an emotional crutch, chef and general punching bag to her. Right now he does nothing. He saved Asuka, but that still revolved around her.
You, like many others, have her be better than him at everything but cooking, he doesn't even have an Eva so he simply contributes absolutely nothing useful directly, he is only there to prop her up. And that sucks.

Shinji eclipsing her in capability was the only thing that somewhat saved Asuka from completely being a Sue in the series. Because otherwise she is better than people older than her, talented at everything, being more knowledgeable than others and everyone admires her or at least overlooks her personality flaws so she gets away with her behavior and generally things revolving around her; that she got all of her many abilities and so much knowledge at all and in a fraction of the time virtually everybody else does makes her very Sue-ish.

That you include many of those aspects is a shame, I had hoped for a more balanced approach to her and the character cast; at least: no stupidly op Asuka that can do anything and does so many awesome things and everyone, especially Shinji, must gush about it repeatedly and a Shinji that actually contributes in some meaningful way that is not just standing around.

I know it's quite a rant but whenever see it annoys me so much; hell if Asuka is so great as many descriptions of jer skills waffle on then why didn't she actually succeed before the MP Evas?
This character shilling reminds of Itachi in Naruto where it became similarily unreadable.

But I don't leave that here without good points. The writing is mostly good. Sometimes there is her/him or he/she when it should be the other and in an earlier chapter it was about SEELE's assets being "ceased" when it should have been seized but otherwise quite good.
The descriptions are really good in conveying situations and emotions.
9/29/2015 c17 navydivea
YaaaaY!...Again! Two more great chapters and one little bitch Eva put in its place by a real monster. Thoroughly enjoyed both the grim and the fluffy components, though I thought Shinji might get a lot uglier than he did. As much as I like fluffy Shin-chan seeing angry shin-man as awesome too, like waiting on a huge and spectacular explosion. As happy as he is though I cant wait till he gets his hands on Dimitri, I know the trainer said to channel and control his anger but I really want to see the animal and show everyone the darkness he struggles with.
9/29/2015 c17 MrGilgamesh
In regard to your notes for this chapter, the fact that you don't do angst 24/7 is one of the things that make this fic so good. I mean, Evangelion and angst go hand and hand, but not many fics actually pull it off convincingly. You manage to do that and turn the angst up too 11 at the same time. But angst is meaningless if it doesn't go anywhere or get resolved, another place where other fics fail.

That is what makes this fic so good is that it starts with the characters at rock bottom and more angsty than any other Evangelion fics I have ever read, and then spends the rest of the story working though all that angst and resolving it in an extremely cathartic ways.

Your story is a story of extremes and somehow contains some of the best angst and WAFF of any Evangelion fanfic (in my opinion).
9/29/2015 c17 18GodzillaFollower1998
Pure awesomeness, I love it!
9/28/2015 c17 5Ikari-Rok-Shinji
OH S**t, that scene in unit 02, the Shinji-beast showing those horrors to Asuka's doppelganger about what is really to become a god, was the most spectacular and shocking scenes I've ever read or seen or heard, it was so beautifully written, to me this story is a true master piece

Congratulations Mr and keep it up!
9/28/2015 c17 4Krazyfanfiction1
BRILLIANT chapter as always
well worth the wait
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