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6/21 c1 soryu-asuka-langley
love this story and your analysis behind it. absolute great stuff, db. i’m greatly looking forward to the revised edition of it and i’m sure many of us, myself included, would relish in the emotions that this story imbued with new life would evoke. i love how you pour your soul into writing your stories and i think this is the pinnacle of it. i’d point to this if someone were to ask me to recommend a heavy intense story that immerses the reader to empathise and analyse the characters as deeply as the oroginal show did, as well as the waff that the central pairing and its significance brings to the story.

peace out
6/19 c23 5NoseGum
Angst and WAFF, and lots of both.

I think the character interactions and inner dialogue (which was edgy at times, but whatever) are great. Shinji's hospitalization doesn't cause Asuka to unrealistically and immediately warm up to him or see the error of her ways. She still felt that to a certain degree, Shinji deserved the pain, she still felt some hatred for him, albeit less so than before. It's not that she suddenly felt guilty for torturing him for 8 months, the guilt was always there. It just became more pronounced when she nearly killed him and had to deal with the consequences.

Did Shinji deserve it? Hell no. The kid was thoroughly broken in EoE and didn't deserve any of that either. The story does a good job of playing with guilt and acknowledging how much of a monster Asuka allowed herself to become, although Shinji's adamant refusal to blame her for anything bad doesn't make that obvious. I see a lot of "Asuka is put up on a pedestal" and "deserves more punishment" in reviews. Asuka is put up on a pedestal because that is how Shinji views her. To every other character, she's an insane, broken bitch (except maybe to Misato). Yes, karma doesn't really come into full effect for Asuka, but honestly, should it? I think having to live with what she did to him and knowing that he blames himself for it would be punishment enough. The characters have been through enough. Also, seeing as they are sickly codependent at this point, any punishment to Asuka would be a punishment to Shinji's mental state, and the kid honestly doesn't need any more of that.

Dmitri. When I started reading, I didn't like the D-man. As I continued, I still didn't like the D-man. I started to dislike the D-man less as I read through the end of the final fight. I realized I liked the D-man with the big reveal at the end of the story. The man quoted the Joker, Bane, etc. Goddamn, did the D-man make me laugh quite a bit. On a reread of the story, D-man goes from "that annoying OC that won't go away" to the D-man. There's no other way to describe the D-man. He's just the D-man, my guy.
5/8 c23 Guest
This was beautiful ABSOLUTE beauty my friend if I could hug you I would 1000 times
The depth within this story was so amazing, it's as if Hideaki Anno himself wrote this
You are truly an amazing writer, and I hope you continue to write with or without source material
Thank you for making this from the bottom of my heart

Side note:strangely I cant bring myself to hate Dimitri, I mean I hate that hes a maniac who kills for fun, but hes also broken like our protagonists and has a sense of justice buried deeply within himself, and the fact that he hates rapist makes me happy, I absolutely despise rape and and the thought of it makes angry, NGL I was very uncomfortable when scenes involved the mention of rape, overall I very happy he got a happy ending and I'm hoping he grows to become a better person for his brother
5/2 c1 BearGlitch
this is hilarious
4/27 c1 Guest
Hey man uh...
Have you ever done LSD?
I'd like to read your stories on LSD
4/1 c22 jimothy
Hell of a ride. Started out great, very dark, hard to pry your eyes away from. The reintroduction of characters was fine too, like with feelsbad Gendo and a more human Rei. Around the middle it just kind of started to lose its luster, especially with all the Dmitri stuff. Didn't mind it at first, but by the end it's ehhh, especially with what's revealed at the end. Ending fight definitely needs some trimming, it's an absolute slog otherwise, except for some key dialogue. Solid ending though, it's on the highest note possible for everything the characters went through.
3/31 c1 Guest
Ow the edge.
3/23 c21 man
"No Shinji here… just… Ikari (Wrath)."



It felt like everything had built up to this play on words, simultaneously being super edgy and super cool. Well done.
1/17 c1 Guest
It is not a poorly written story, but if it is very unobjective as well as grotesque, in a few words the author justifies that Asuka torturing Shinji physically, psychologically and sexually is a mere act of karma.
The story is full of favoritism to the character of Asuka
and a huge hatred of the character of Shinji on the part of the author.
12/22/2020 c10 A Guy
Unless Gendou returns or something I'll be a little upset because I feel like it's a waste to bring him back only to kill him off.
12/21/2020 c23 2ArcaneMadman
The best thing I can say upon completing this story is that I want to go back to the start and read it again. This was an amazing rollercoaster that I can't wait to read again. Thank you for creating this story.
12/11/2020 c23 Guest
I just finished reading this. Can’t believe (but I do) this took 9 years. Well done, such a great read. So much passion went behind this and it’s superbly written. Truthfully enjoyed it. Bravo!
12/1/2020 c23 8Adamant39
...huh. That was...that was good.
A fanfiction that goes upwards of a hundred thousand words and Finishes is always a treat on this platform. A fic that does so while actually having a cohesive plot and compelling characters is an absolute delight. I’ve read a lot of Eva fics and even the best ones tend to crash and burn at at least one of the above, but yours nailed all three. Shinji’s relationship with Asuka was obviously the main selling point, and what a relationship it was; you really managed to take them from ‘shaking at the sight of each other’ to something ‘vaguely resembling a healthy’ couple (with a few dips down memory lane to the realm of ‘horrifyingly self-destructive’.) I really bought into both of their personalities, neuroses, hypocrisy and all. It was good shit.
Imma be honest I wasn’t super down with Dmitri at first, but you really made him work, and by the end I was invested in that too. My one issue was with the length (and quantity) of flashback/dream sequences, I wound up skimming more than once while Shinji was arguing with his inner edgelord, but I totally get that the internal struggle was a big part of what you were making.
And, you know. Giant robot fights. Shinji flexing his ex-god muscles. Gotta love it.
All in all, this was a damn fun read. Thanks a lot!
11/24/2020 c23 1Timeskipper1
Holy fuck man, it's so touching to be mentioned in your final letter. I took a long break from fanfics for a while, having kinda gotten too busy and tired of reading, but you remembered even after all those years!

I promise, I'll finish reading Scar Tissue as soon as I have time. Thank you so much. This fic kept me company in some sad times, and it challenged me in a way I didn't expect a fanfic would. I think its message is possibly the most uplifting that you could possibly have... ironically, for such a fucked up story.
11/11/2020 c22 bill237
* Note: That was part of my previous review only I do not realize that I forgot. Sorry
I feel a lot of idolatry towards Asuka and a lot of exaggerated resentment towards Shinji just because he is not the hero everyone expected him to be.
That torture was too much, Asuka was sadistic at will and she got away very easily.
She nearly drove Shinji to suicide and put him in a state where only the slightest sample of humanity seems like paradise for him. He would merit getting out of that toxic dependency.
Although Asuka is a great character, we must admit she was a bitch who denigrated others to feel better about herself, there was a reason of course, her past, but although you recognize it with Asuka, you are unforgiving with Shinji and it seems that you want to convert him in a stereotype of hero.
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