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4/21/2010 c8 1Gwen Khan
One of THE best stories I have ever read.
4/20/2010 c8 AWALL89
Heavy stuff, cant help but to keep reading though. All in all, good work dude. I like how've you handled Asuka, pretty twisted, but whos to say she couldnt go over the deep end like this. Was a little confused by the sudden 4 hour breakdown Shinji had at the end there, seemed to come out of nowhere but I probably just missed something. In any case though, keep up the good work and good luck with school. College is a bitch aint it?

Oh yeah, props for your selection of music. Good stuff
4/20/2010 c8 7Canuck101
Good lord, you have no idea how happy I was when I saw that there was another chapter to this. Hell, I had to reread the title four times to make sure I wasn't seeing things.

I think this story is incredible, I've read the first seven chapters at least three times each, and as soon as I finish this reveiw I'll read this new chapter again. I no if was a long time since your last post, but my god did you make it worth is. You still made me feel bad for Shinji at the end and I hope to god all mighty that his torture stops soon. This was an amazing chapter, and I was pleased with every part (I'm a hard man to please, ask YoungBoch)

I look forward to your next chapter, and good luck with school.
4/20/2010 c8 Kaiser Fangirl
This chapter was BEAUTIFUL! I cried oh so much.

Please, PLEASE, for the love of god, UPDATE SOON!
4/20/2010 c8 chaplain4
Well, this chapter is relatively big, isn't it? And the quality\quantity ratio is still far above the average. Indeed.

BTW, Gendo and Unit-02 joined the party - but where's Rei? Wasn't she introduced in Ch4? Or was it just one of Shinji's hallucinations?
4/20/2010 c8 3SithKnight-Galen
What a mindscrew going on in both Asuka and Shinji's heads. the question I have to ask is this, even though physical injuries heal and leave behind only scars, the emotional and mental trauma that these two have suffered, and seem to be inflicting on themselves repearedly at the moment, will they ever be able to break that cycle, or at least come to grips with it?

And what is Gendo going to do upon finding out just what has transpired between Asuka and Shinji? Will Miss Sohryu soon also be ejoying time in an ICU bed suite all her own?
4/20/2010 c8 3Sperance
Nice chapter! Terribly scarring and depressing, but well written nontheless. I'll look forward to the next one.

PD- So... Unit-02 gets and EVA-snack? Om-nom-nom
3/24/2010 c1 7Canuck101
This is a really good story, I hope you continue writing, please finish this story, it deserves to be finished.
3/23/2010 c7 15JDH1080
please update soon i want to see how this ends
3/1/2010 c7 Starfire99
So, when is this finally going to be updated? It's been almost 2 months since a chapter has been released.
1/27/2010 c7 7Canuck101
This is a very deep and moving story. I want to read more, please keep writing.
1/25/2010 c7 The Immortal Firo
Nice chapter. In particular, Asuka's analysing her own actions, and feelings at the beginning was a nice way to start.

Now Shinji will be released soon, and with Gendo's return, it will make for interesting, and trying times. I don't think Shinji's weak, just afraid, if he was weak he would've tryed to kill Asuka again, the fact that he takes her abuse, shows how much he cares.

Great chapter. Please continue, but don't rush it.
1/18/2010 c7 Gally619
ack. Gendo!
1/12/2010 c6 Nimak
What a coincidence, i was reading chapter 6 while hearing All nighmare long and thinking it went perfect with the fic. Well the whoole album goes with this fic. Very dark but i do think shinji deserves some of that for being a fkin coward
1/12/2010 c7 chaplain4
Once again - good chapter.

Especially interesting is the part when Asuka lets go of her hate and anger. But where is the part when shinji lets go of his guilt?

I hope to see it next chapter))
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