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11/7/2020 c22 Mr. Citis
Its unbelievable how one man can write such trash for nearly 600k words, and not take a moment to reflect on what was put to paper.
11/4/2020 c23 bill237
Hi, I love the way you structure your stories and the detailed way you tell them.
But it may be just my opinion but I couldn't finish reading the story mainly because I can't feel empathy for Asuka, I know she suffered all her life (Shinji and Rei too) but she practically dehumanized Shinji in a conscious way (She said so ) for 8 months and he got away without consequences equivalent to his actions, I know that Shinji did bad things, but she physically, psychologically and sexually abused him. I may have missed something but based on facts, that is much worse than what Shinji did, in addition to the first chapters where Misato gets angry with her or her friends scold her I do not see that there were more consequences for her, Shinji forgave her immediately , I have conflict with this because I think he had the right to be minimally angry with her (There must be a trauma that she caused during all this torture that makes him not want to approach her), I know he was blinded by guilt but a human would guard resentment for something like that. She would have deserved a punishment or something (a time in confinement or a temporary restraining order). Given this, although the WAFF scenes are incredible (I really like how you detail the scenes) I can't process them because I see Asuka as someone sadistic who got away with it (By God
she raped Shinji and brought him to the brink of death). I know she's sorry (Well, she literally tortured someone) but frankly I think she gets more affection than she deserves. Many may disagree, but how does the masturbation scene compare to sexual abuse for 5 months?
According to I read, Asuka had nightmares about what happened in the hospital and it was partly this that caused her anger. In that case, shouldn't Shinji also hold a grudge for months of abuse? for all those times he was raped?
Shinji forgave Asuka when he saw her "penitent" but then all those months that Shini spent taking care of Asuka and regretting what he did was not recognized by Asuka?

I'm going to take a chance and say that you like to make Shinji suffer. (A hypothesis simply, I am not accusing)

I know that many will not agree with me (It is normal, many perspectives, many opinions) but I almost expected that when Shinji recovered he would stay with Rei, after all she gave her life for him (Rei II but you get the point).
I know they are codependent but I think Shinji would merit someone who didn't use him as a punching bag.
I think Shinji must have the ability to express a grudge against Asuka, after all she almost killed him. But he did get mad at Rei even though she gave her life for him.

This is the main conflict I have with this story. It is only my opinion and I do not seek to compromise your story in any way, after all it is your story, I just wanted to express myself. Thank you for reading.

PS: I like your musical choice.

PS # 2: I'm writing this using Google Translate so sorry for the mistakes.
9/28/2020 c1 Guest
Eek, it's so disturbing thinking how long the abuse would've gone on if Asuka didn't realize how awful she was or what would've happened if Shiki just.. didn't make it-
All those possibilities and none of them are good..
This is an incredibly descriptive and tear-jerking fanfic so far, I really enjoy it and I'll definitely keep reading! No worries
9/11/2020 c23 AnonReviewer
The world being as seemingly apocalyptic as it is currently has me moody enough to delve into NGE fanfiction once again, and when I realised you'd finished this I *had* to take a sizable chunk of my week to work through it from beginning to end. I'm very glad that I did. As I'd written in that first review I did back in '17, I found it very enjoyable how you'd managed to keep the intensity consistent from the rather explosive beginning through what had been released at that point and I'm very happy to say you did not go flat in the end.
I find this take on the world of EVA and those who inhabit it to be somewhat unique in the willingness you had to delve into the pain in it, taking the time to give form to suffering that the series itself did not elaborate upon so that you could work towards solving it in a way that felt more real, worthwhile, and as a reader more satisfying. I'm grateful the naysayers didn't get to you like they sometimes get to other writers, and the fact my little review from back then even warranted a footnote in your letter gives me joy.
I write what I do in the hopes I can convince those who have stories to tell to keep doing so because art is one of the few things that make life worth living, with stories being one of the higher forms out there. This story is one of note. In the (rather enormous) library of evangelion stories, this one is certainly notable. That's an accomplishment.
Hopefully if we all survive our much less interesting end-of-the-world scenario you might find the time to write more. Until then, good luck.
9/7/2020 c22 navydivea
Not sure if I ever left a review last time but if I didn't then I'll just say reading this story for the dozenth time or so is just as good as every other time.
9/7/2020 c1 milkman099
Probably one of if not the best fic I've ever read. I wouldn't listen to the people saying it's bad. This ended perfectly, had an amazing plot curve and the writing is good too. The author's got a knack for detail and it was such that there's a scar tissue trailer on YouTube (made crudely but it still does the job and gives me goosebumps) and i had fun picking out which scenes in the trailer corresponded to what scenes in the fic. Awesome read, awesome impact, awesome legacy. First review I've done before, and I'll say it's a damn good story. (If long)
8/26/2020 c9 Panda.k1ng
mah heart, mah sole
8/26/2020 c5 Panda.k1ng
this is making me hyperventilate
8/6/2020 c23 nick416
Damn, this is def one of the best Eva fanfic I’ve read (a great 500k words haha.) kinda glad I didn’t have to wait for the updates XD.
Anyway, I really enjoy ur work and gonna share this to my fellow Eva fans. Love from China!
7/14/2020 c1 sapeca
my guy, holy shit, i am fucking surprised, i'm reading berserk (i'm currently in chapter 255) and holy shit, that shit barely hit me, and i just fucking read this, and my guy, this shit actually made me disgusted, not in the sense that the fic is bad and stuff, its just that the shit you came up with, holy shit, i doubt i could come up with that kind of stuff, this is truly fucked up, though, i'm excited how asuka will try to make up atleast to shinji, because for the rest i doubt she ever will, this shit actually made me feel disgust, congratulations.
7/13/2020 c22 10deathbringer374
Well, I certainly feel stupid dropping a review on my own damn story, but I suppose the situation calls for it.

Due to the Coronavirus Crisis starting in March, I reliquished control of this account to a buddy of mine, so he'd manage the stories and all that, since I've had to abandon my job and take two other jobs from home to support my family. to me is a safe haven where I obssessively read and write, and it undoublty traps me for days on end. I cannot afford such luxuries anymore, hence, I simply walked away.

However, it has been brought to my attention by a reader that reviews were being deleted. This is of course unacceptable, and I sincerely apologize to the reviewer "Guest" and whoever else whose imput has been deleted. I do not condone of this behaviour, and have taken a few moments off my schedule to address this situation.

Once more, my apologies. Feel free to write in your thoughts and honest opinions. Now, if you want some form of feedback or response, feel free to take the two minutes it takes to open an account in fanfiction and PM me, or at least drop a review as a user so it CANNOT be deleted. On a personal note, addressing this "Guest" person, I'm sorry my story ruined your day. I put my heart and soul into it, and if anything at all bothers me about your oppinion, is that you so blatantly state that I do not know Evangelion. 18 years of my life I've loved it, hated it, obsessed over it, read about it and studied it. I tried to make this as close to the reality I lived, close to child soldiers, war and famine, as possible. That is all. Have a great day, an awesome life. If you wish to discuss anything like grown adults once again, feel free to send me a message, I am now in control of the account once more.

7/13/2020 c1 Guest
4th time re-posting. You're not stopping me when I didn't do anything wrong:

"My disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined." What else can I really say after reading this? I was expecting a lot more, based on everything I heard. I'm pretty sure any fan who's watched the original series recently could point out all the rampant inconsistencies, as they go through it. But that's not what I'm here to do. Because it isn't even what annoyed me the most about this story.

What bothers me is how characters talk about and reflect on their inner turmoil. The manner in which they breakdown the anguish that ails them, and the realizations that follow. Instead of talking around their problems like a normal person would or at the very least addressing them in a way that befits their personality, they nearly always explain in explicit detail what causes them to act the way they do. Most often by screaming and or crying.

This is aggravating because EVA was always careful to treat this phenomena in a similar vein to reality. People don't just have a complete understanding of their own psyche and even assuming they did, most characters still wouldn't be able to properly express it in a way that makes conventional sense. They might just be having a normal conversation, not making any conscious effort to show off what defines them, but it happens anyway. Without the use of language that simply lays out who they are. The focus is on implication and natural behavior.

Or to put it another way, the subtle character interactions that defined the show and film, are largely forgotten in favor of overly bombastic "emotional" moments. Moments that are defined more so by the author using characters as a mouthpiece to voice his understanding of them, as opposed to the characters themselves talking about how they feel. It isn't even strictly that his interpretations are always flawed, although they often are. The problem lies with the dialogue and presentation. How there is no attempt to explain why they suddenly possess near perfect clarity, when accounting for their behavior. There are far better ways to make this concept work.

Ghosts of Evangelion for example, aside from presenting a far more sensible understanding of what Asuka and Shinji's relationship would look like after 3I, manages to sidestep this issue quite neatly. I won't go into spoilers, but it essentially uses a perspective trick in certain chapters to give an actual real world reason as to why characters try to explain themselves explicitly. As opposed to bumbling around their issues like they normally would. And even then, they still feel like distinct people with their own outlooks influencing how they talk. Not dramatic soapboxes being confrontational or abrasive where their characters never would be, sapped of all genuine charm and personality.

That is not to say that any time a character does this it is always OOC or out of place in the story. There are fanfics which build up to and pace these kinds of moments decently enough. I'd go so far as to call the way one handles them utterly masterful, even outside of fanfiction standards. There's really nothing else to say other than it just doesn't work here. My impression from the chapter notes is that the author wanted to overcompensate for the original, as opposed to just accepting the series as is and working within its boundaries. Not saying he isn't a "real fan," whatever the hell that's supposed to mean. He's very clearly passionate about Evangelion. But passion isn't always a source of understanding, let alone writing prowess. And you shouldn't be breaking fundamental principles of the series unless you know exactly what you're doing.

Also, the beast is just dumb. The concept is dump, the way it talks is dumb, and it is so clearly derivative of a version that actually fits its respective story. I would go into detail about how stupid it and other small things are as well, but I honestly don't care about them as much as the other stuff I talked about. Maybe someone else will.

You might very well be able to look past all this and find something to love here. I think that's great. Being able to find enjoyment in anything, especially something others can't is really awesome. You're getting more out of it than they ever could. And there are actually some individual moments or ideas that I would defend if asked to. There is certainly real effort here, and some of it managed to pay off. But in my eyes, the vast majority did not. It's not quite the outright terrible mess it could have been, but I would also never call it anywhere close to good. And it is certainly not Evangelion.
7/12/2020 c1 GetMyBag
Not sure why everyone is praising this so highly. Didn't seem that special to me at all. Friends told me it was a "masterpiece" and I'm left scratching my head at how they could think that. It isn't even close to NGE. Did they just hype me up to much for fanfiction? Guess I'll keep looking at other stuff.
7/6/2020 c1 1jellodude
Holy SHIT! This was an absolute rollercoaster of a story. I have to say, this story is NGE: Genocide levels of awesome! I honestly had a blast reading through it, and I felt more and more captivated to the plot and the character development. Speaking of development, I noticed a whole lot of character growth through out the chapters, and it kept making this already golden novel even better. I personally had no qualms or issues in the story or in the development of the characters, everything is always on point!
6/30/2020 c22 1ImNotAWriterNotReally
Good job, expecially in drawing Shinji's and Asuka's minds.
In the end I really wished to see "S" and Asuka meeting again, but that's it.
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