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12/31/2009 c6 Asakura-Arashi
Really, really good. Can't wait for more. Please update soon.
12/17/2009 c6 IUSEDTOBECRAZY
Ah, ahem(Scruches up face, crosses eyes, and wiggles finger out in front while speaking in the Bush voice) " I doth bestoweth onto thee more writing power" My grandmother would kill me for that one. Great job. Certainly more interesting than the actual series. (That guy is in need of serious help, kind of like Harry Reid; he is also mentally ill, just listen to the stupid shit he says!) But I digress. I do look forward to seeing how you'll resolve everyone's "issues"... well, if you resolve them. Either way, if the rest of it is any indication I'm quite certain it will turn out readable whichever direction you choose to go. Good night and good luck. NERDIN OUT!
11/29/2009 c6 Xolodus
11/17/2009 c6 5Greenfang
Really, really impressive writing! I've very rarely read a story that has such an intensity to its narrative and dialogue. It's very intense and dark, and I'm not ashamed to admit I'm hoping for some joy for our protagonists after the grim going they've had.

It's a dark trip, but I'm enjoying the ride.

Keep up the great work!

I'm looking forward to reading the next installment.
11/16/2009 c6 8ss3dj
this is a great read. I hope that you update soon.
11/13/2009 c6 1GuardEzio
wow, storys definatly intense and BLOODY EPIC.

heh can't wait for the rest of it...though i wish shinji would just recognice misato as his mom like she dose him a son...and no no matter what you say, unless he starts calling her mom then he hasent recognised her as one...actualy it'd be nice to see misato to adopt him officaly hers as well but something tells me theres no chance of you ever doing that :( which is a shame since it would be nice to see someone final put that in an Eva fanfic
11/11/2009 c5 2LSSJ2 Gohan
-"He tried, you pushed him away, you cursed him away, you used him, and he broke. Look at him, he seems fine for a second and then everything crashed to the ground the moment you open your big, horrible mouth."-

I just have to ask: Is Asuka developing an Inner Demon that embodies her guilt to torture herself too?
11/9/2009 c6 8DrendeSalkash
believe me when i say this chapter was everything promised and more. hell, i think i read it twice, lol. great chapter
11/8/2009 c6 Anon1223446
Really, really good. It was worth the wait. Take your time to produce quality like this.

I think you have crossed that line, where people, NEED you to complete this story. So dont give up on trying to get time for it.

The main points I have to mention, is how good you are at "sadistic drama", I mean damn, I hope Im not a sadist or something but I really liked those flashbacks. The other point is, how believable it feels that Shinji and Auska could have turned into these "monsters" (without giving anything away, I hope you understand what I mean).

Thanks again. Ill checking the site for your next chapter.
11/8/2009 c6 5NefCanuck
Wow, watching Asuka basically bare her soul like that to Misato after having Hikari basically tear her to shreds emotionally was a rather heavy experience indeed...

Well done...
11/7/2009 c6 2LSSJ2 Gohan
Nice chapter, keep it up!

Asuka's gonna visit Shinji again? I smell an uber breakdown.

P/S: I hope you consider Rei, Kaji and/or Kaworu returning anytime soon. I can already Imagine Asuka and Rei getting in a fight, Shinji tries to stop them and ends upsetting his injuries and then Kaworu has to drag the poor guy out.
11/7/2009 c6 Berserk1
simply moving, it leaves a sense of shock as well as knowing it is a quite possible reality. you write beautifully, keep up the great work
11/6/2009 c1 Erodama
Darn, nice one... I think it should be rated M just to be on the safe side of things...
11/5/2009 c6 3SithKnight-Galen
Wow, the meeting with Hikari was very realistic, and a bit less bloody, but far more biting than what I was expecting I guess. In the end, it does look like Misato may have to step up and be a mother after all especially if Asuka pretty much has no supports left, and Shinji is beginning to slide to the other end of the pendulum here. Oddly, for some reason, after seeing his justified comments to Ritsuko, I do have to wonder when Shinji is going to go after Asuka with a baseball bat... (oddly, I keep seeing this cycle repeat, unless there is going to be something that is going to help repair both of these damage souls, or at least help put them on the path to recovery).
11/4/2009 c6 1DemonChild656
good stuff nice to see you didnt give up on the story update soon pls :D
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