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11/4/2009 c6 15JDH1080
yes thank god you finaly updated i must say i have fallen in LOVE with this story but i do feel it is going a bit slow but not to slow
11/4/2009 c6 5Popkov
Let's see... Shinji can finally walk... And on that happy day Asuka will visit him.

Run, boy! Run! Run like the wind! RUN LIKE THE DEVIL IS AFTER YOU, CAUSE SHE IS!
11/4/2009 c6 12nexusmaster
I am greatly enjoying how you are handling the progression of your story. Nothing seems rushed, and the characters are acting as anyone would expect. Everyone has their breaking point, and many characters in Eva did things that are terrible. I like how you're showing that their actions will eventually come to fruition. Your grammar is tasty and you capture emotion very well. I'll be reading for as long as you write, so please continue.

Don't feel obligated to keep inhuman schedules with this story. I can sympathize with the hustle and bustle of college life, so please take however long you need.

11/4/2009 c6 marduk-report
another excellent chapter; dont worry about the "nothing" that is supposedly happening, your doing fine; and im finding the way the story is going thouroughly enjoyable. its a good story and one that you should take as much time as you need to to get it right.
11/4/2009 c6 The Immortal Firo
This chapter was worth the wait. The kitchen scene was intense and answered a few questions and this chapter showed Shinji has alot of rage that's yet to reach the surface completely. Hikari's arrival was due and very expected, i didn't figure she would take well to this, and Asuka is broken in every sense of the word, only now does she understand some of Shinji's pain. Misato has the compassion of a priest trying to help the two pick up the pieces of their lives, and it was interesting seeing Ritsuko finally introduced. Your writing is amazing, and makes me feel sorry for all of them, even this monster that Asuka was for so long, now just a broken child. Great chapter.
11/4/2009 c6 1rcswart
well this was a pleasant, late night surprise! Enjoyed this chapter alot. This is certainly an original story and i quite enjoy it so far. Keep it up!
10/28/2009 c5 5Hero Slayer
People rarely see things from other's point of view.

Okay, seriously, i haven't really gone through the eva section here at too much. But most of the stories i've read for the whole post third impact were either really fluffy, or not realistic with the recovery. I mean, one doesn't recover from the things in the end of evangelion in a year or so what most of the other fics i've read ussually have as a time frame.

This I feel, fits so much better with the tone of evangelion. The dark, morbid, view of what humanity can be.

I'm looking forward to the long and painful road to recovery (as it usually is) for shinji and asuka.
10/7/2009 c5 2Worceracs
Five Chapters of angsty gold in the span of one month.

I can't speak for anybody else but I know I'm impressed.

Please keep it up, good Eva Angst is so hard to find, and for that matter, so is good grammar ^_^
10/4/2009 c1 chaplain4
Good job man. Angst, pain, rape, injuries - this is really good and interesting to read.


-I don't think that it is good to spray your attention between several characters. Was it really nessesary to mention Hikari and Rei between A\S and A\M parts? Hope so.

-It could be nice to read about suicide\attempt on suicide in future. Asuka and\or Shinji just ask for it, and it will definetly make your fic darker and your readers - happier.

-Don't even think about writing about love and WAFF for at least 2-3 chapters. "Happy reunion" will most definetly ruin the atmosphere.

-Don't even think of leaving this fic unfinished.
9/26/2009 c5 7Rockomaniac
Wonderfully depressing. i love it.

I think you split up the longer paragraphs so that it is easier for ppl to read. and make it darker!

good job. hope you update soon.

9/18/2009 c5 15JDH1080
whoa (clap clap) im happy i got to see how they would react when they saw each other again and im so glad you didnt make it one of those little perfect reuions where she says srry he accepts cause that would be bull im interested to see what happens next oh i beg of you do not aboned this story i hate when some starts a great story and only go like 5 chaps
9/18/2009 c5 5NefCanuck
This is one of those stories that sucks me in and I keep reading despite the darker moments that having me cringing that you so expertly weave throughout.

Misato just *had* to bring Hikari in didn't she? More harm than good I can see of this...
9/17/2009 c5 Xolodus
Oh man...this is so good...PLEASE HURRY WITH CHAPTER 6!
9/16/2009 c5 3Invincible Shinji
Too dark for my taste. Hoping to see some light at the end of the tunnel.
9/16/2009 c5 Berserk1
damn this story just keeps getting better and better with each update. keep up the great work!
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