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9/17/2009 c5 Xolodus
Oh man...this is so good...PLEASE HURRY WITH CHAPTER 6!
9/16/2009 c5 3Invincible Shinji
Too dark for my taste. Hoping to see some light at the end of the tunnel.
9/16/2009 c5 Berserk1
damn this story just keeps getting better and better with each update. keep up the great work!
9/16/2009 c5 The Immortal Firo
Excellent chapter. I didn't expect Asuka to just be able to forget her hate as much she wants too and Shinji trying not to be afraid only to have his fears reaffirmed by Asuka's outburst and Hikari doesn't seem to be crazy about the outcome either, this will be interesting, looking forward to more updates but take your time especially with college. I don't mind waiting for more awesomeness.
9/16/2009 c5 3SithKnight-Galen
Well, this was a great chapter. I think if you squint hard enough, you ight be able to see the slivers of a relationship there. I can't wait for berserker Shinji to make another appearance to Asuka like he did during Instrumentality, unless of course, Shinji can finally come to terms with his inner demon. Then again, that may have been one of the driving forces that brought Asuka back. I am kida surprised that she didn't have any lasting injuries of her own, considering how bandaged she was when she "re-formed".

I must say that enjoyed the flipping of perspectives like that. I could understand the scene way more clearly upon seeing it from all sides. It gives depth and complexity to all of the parties. I do have to wonder if Misato may find out about Asuka's visit anyways, since I am guessing that Shinji's room may have a video monitor on it. In any event I can't wait to see what the talk with Hikari is going to be like, and just how much more Asuka can take before she falls apart completely, and when she does, will there be anyone there to attempt to pick up whatever pieces will be left?
9/16/2009 c5 8DrendeSalkash
that was a great chapter. i would have liked to have known what happened in the kitchen, but i have a feeling we'll find out eventually. good timing with Hikari as well. decent foreshadowing towards that as well. overall, another piece of genius
9/12/2009 c4 2LSSJ2 Gohan
This story is by far one of the best EVANGELION Fics I've ever read, I wonder if Touji, Kensuke and Hikari are ever gonna find out about the whole affair betwen Asuka and Shinji, I bet they'll want to kill the girl, 'cause I would...

BTW: Can Kaworu Come back too, i mean, I know he was an angel and stuff but, since he was part of Adam and he seemed to be a part of Lilith/Adam (AKA the Giant White Rei). I honestly wish to see what would his reaction be to watch Shinji in such a horrible condition
9/11/2009 c1 Krow Blood
That was good. I actually felt lack of breath when you were describing his injuries. Freaky.
9/7/2009 c4 Berserk1
this...this is just pure masterwork. For a first time EVA story this is just amazing work. Please, keep going and don't stop. The minor mistakes are easy to look past when one gets so wrapped up in the story.
9/6/2009 c4 15JDH1080
oh man hurry up this is pure gold ive never seen asuka go so far i just know the next chapter will be good
9/6/2009 c4 3SithKnight-Galen
I highly enjoyed reading this chapter. It at least explained where Rei was, at least for the moment. I must say that I cannot wait for the day that she comes walking out of the Red Sea and has a her word with the Second Children. Same with Kaji...after all, he did promise Misato he would come back and help her with raising the two children at some point in the future.

About the only thing that was missing from this chapter was possibly seeing Asuka admitting what she did to Hikari, and how the other girl would react to hearing about that. Too bad the Second and the Third aren't psychic...then Asuka might be able to get a glimpse of the true mindscape that Shinji had to go thru everytime that he goes to sleep.

I do have to wonder when exactly the rose colored glasses are going to come off of Shinji's eyes in regards to Asuka. She is human just like everyone else, and at the moment, looks like almost any other shell-shocked survivor. I have to wonder why Misato hadn't really noticed the signs of the acute PTSD that both kids have fallen into, though. It almost looks like Asuka is already beginning to show signs of slipping again, if she is beginning to take on Shinji-like tendancies of retreating to the SDAT at the drop of a hat and going to monosyllabic speech patterns. I wonder how long it may take before Misato catches on to that.
9/6/2009 c4 44dennisud
Nice set-up and its great to see Rei again.

Good processing of their feelings within their minds and I am anxiously awaiting Shinji dealing with his Guilt monster and Rei returning and her talk with Asuka.

So far a good story!

9/6/2009 c4 marduk-report
hmm. the characterisation is still good, and the plot is good too, but this chapter felt a little rushed; not in terms of the plot, but there are grammar and spelling mistakes, and here and there it seems that sentences or words have disappeared. nontheless, the only advice i can give is to read it through before you post it, just to make sure the quality isnt damaged by eagerness to publish :)
9/6/2009 c4 Xolodus
Man! This story is great! I feel so bad for shinji...but its a relief to see asuka realize how mean she is to him...PLEASE KEEP WRITING!
9/3/2009 c3 1wolvknight
Hmm interesting and very dark please update soon!
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