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8/3/2018 c20 Guest
best eva story so from a crazy croatian dude
7/31/2018 c21 7Panther2G
Really getting tired of Dmitri's inability to just shut up and die. Finish him off, Shinji, and get back to bed with Asuka. You've both earned it.
7/26/2018 c21 The Cruel
Now this Chapter here,

That the whole fight took the whole chapter, Asuka ended up with a new scar on her face and a eye less again and Shinji being MIA for now makes me totally dumbfounded. This chapter went full on Undisputed-Level. No idea how this 'll continiue.
7/24/2018 c21 Guest
To think they were screwed over by the Chinese betraying them.. how will the heroes survive?
7/22/2018 c11 Zero.fox1987
Beautiful wasnt this in the rebuilds instead of" Misato and the space pirates"?
7/21/2018 c21 esfmaster
Loved the story so far. All of it.
7/21/2018 c8 Zero.fox1987
Damn i thought in *shinji and asuka* things came...unpleasant for with those conscience who looks like a demon..gendos now "nigoki" at the end .Man this is one of the best writen fanfics so far ive job and gotta go to c what happens next
7/19/2018 c20 Seeking Professional Help
Thanks for the new chapter.

I liked the new chapter, but I think as this story nears it's conclusion, it loses the drama, angst and tension between the characters, that I love the story for. I know that it is only natural for the characters to do that, as it can't all be angst. That is why I am both sad and happy that this story is coming to an end.

Thanks again for the new chapter.
7/19/2018 c20 The Cruel
(I accidentally clicked on the post button, so I want to continiue this review)

Time and time again they were confronted with the marks left on their bodies and souls from fighting against the Angels, SEELE, 3I and the pain they inflicted themselves and that it also left it's marks on others, for Misato failing her responsibility for the pilots, Reis fear in becoming Lilith again and Toji, Kensuke and Hikari being also caught in the crossfire.

They acknowledge that this is what makes them who they are and that it doesn't hinder their feelings and need for each other and together they both withstand the horrors they face.

It was hard for me to read this chapter for going into Asukas earlier attempts of torturing and raping Shinji and that he let her do this to him out of fear from Asuka attempting suicide. And also from Asuka fearing for Shinji dying through the way she treats him.

It was also hard to read when Misato paralysed Asuka temporarily to admit her failure for not being there for them when they hit low bottom with themselves and her forgiving Asuka and telling her to stop thinking herself of not deserving Shinji. And that's while Asuka wanted Misato to kill her.

Then when Asuka and Shinji prepared themselves to fight Dimitri, she really let him bite her as how she wanted since their night on cristmas, to forever dedicate herself to love Shinji as much as he let her torture him to prove his love for her. And them still having her blood on them both gave them the blood baptism that marks them both being true to their tainted love.

Now it's means either them or Dimitri.

They have nothing to lose, becuase they have each other and their darkness close with them.
7/18/2018 c20 The Cruel
It's been five years and 7 chapters ago since I reviewed this raw Eva Fanfic.

Now looking back how it progressed and now leads to it's conclusion, both Asuka and Shinji struggled to live with the suffering they inflicted themselves.

Always being in doubt of their will to move forward and always fearing the darkness in them that manifested for Shinji from his guilt and self hatred into the Beast that taunts and haunts his mind and for Asuka from imprinting her very image of herself into Unit 2, after the soul of Kyoko Zeppelin no longer inhabits it, becoming 2.0, who embodies Asuka essential nature of piloting Eva.

Time and time again they were confronted with the marks left on their bodies and souls
7/18/2018 c20 BigSkeez0195
Great chapter! its all coming together. Cant wait to see what happens next!
7/17/2018 c1 Zero.fox1987
intrigued...i wonder how this story goes out
7/17/2018 c20 Guest
hype hype hype

keep writing you glorious bastard!
7/15/2018 c20 navydivea
"If you won't do it, you little wimp,he could feel the Beast licking its fangs with anticipation and hunger. I'll be happy to do it for you."

Did the Beast just ask for a tag in? XDDD

Seriously though another great chapter and while Asuka might be the better fighter I just know that asshole is going to do something stupid and let the Beast out.

Looking forward to seeing the blood and carnage to come. (You forgot my request from last time but no biggie.)
7/14/2018 c20 2Knives-kun
This is amazing. Humorously, sort of like a cross between Hajime no Ippo, Tonikaku Cawaii, and Metal Gear Solid. Brilliant stuff.
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