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7/15/2018 c20 navydivea
"If you won't do it, you little wimp,he could feel the Beast licking its fangs with anticipation and hunger. I'll be happy to do it for you."

Did the Beast just ask for a tag in? XDDD

Seriously though another great chapter and while Asuka might be the better fighter I just know that asshole is going to do something stupid and let the Beast out.

Looking forward to seeing the blood and carnage to come. (You forgot my request from last time but no biggie.)
7/14/2018 c20 2Knives-kun
This is amazing. Humorously, sort of like a cross between Hajime no Ippo, Tonikaku Cawaii, and Metal Gear Solid. Brilliant stuff.
7/13/2018 c20 7Panther2G
Our doofus Russian is about to learn his biggest mistake was interrupting Asuka before she got to return the favor to Shinji, like she really, really wanted... Hell hath no fury like a _frustrated_ Second Child.
7/13/2018 c20 Guest
Scar tissue finished before Eva 4.0... I've belived in crazier things so why not. A nice touch to a great story. I hope you have enjoyed writing as much I have reading. Keep it up you beautiful bastard
7/13/2018 c20 bandiras2
Dude, This whole story is awesome.
Seriousley dude, we need more of this!
Just post the alpha as it gets done with the first spellcheck! You can reedit later.
I want tho see this to the wery end!
7/13/2018 c20 Guest
Was Dmitri inspired by Ladd Russo from Baccano at all? One of the scenes with him in an earlier chapter really reminded me of him.
7/13/2018 c20 1Dragonjek
Going to have to get rid of that scythe, or it won't matter how good Shinji is at soaking damage-you need limbs to move, and Dmitri's psycho enough to cut all of them off before finishing the fight.

Or Shinji could just make more limbs out of A.T. Field a la Rebuild 2.22.
7/12/2018 c20 Guest
Thanks for new chapter.

Conclusion this year? wow That's some good news.
About the chapter I enjoyed it. Some new info about Asuka behavior before the incident huh? I didn't expected you to bring that up in that way. Well keep up the good work I hope we see next chapters soon.
7/12/2018 c20 jace0024blue
Wow! I am not even done reading this chapter but I am just so surprised and happy about the update. Yeheey!
7/11/2018 c20 Guest
I cannot even belive it! New chapter! Yeeey!
7/11/2018 c20 Divine above question
3/16/2018 c3 18ReaperJ
What a shame... Asuka is a real mess and wants nothing else but Shinji to be there and hold her.

The darkness of this story was always spot on and had a way of making me really feel for everyone. Alwast love Shinji x Asuka stories and this has always been my fav.

It was so nasty how it started off and seemed just like how the show would have done it.
3/15/2018 c2 ReaperJ
So many memories are coming to me as I read this story, damn man you did one hell of a job on this part and I was so happy to see Asuka have a breakdown about everything she's done to him.

So glad I finally found this story and still love it so much, I can't read the the Eva stuff and startes to write for my newest shows I'm into.

I think the reason some of them are so dark is because of the hole was left behind on wondering what happened to this story. Can't wait to read the rest and the new chapters!
3/15/2018 c1 ReaperJ
Man... it's been YEARS from the first time I've read this story, I would say almost 10 years now. Useful76 was a huge help on finding and now covered in goosebumps after reading the first chapter lol.

Can't believe is still on going and can't wait to read the rest!?
3/13/2018 c7 BigSkeez0195
I dont know if NERV has ever been described as unholy, But its certainly fitting and brought a smirk to my face! excellent chapter. Didnt expect the Return of Gendo. Cant wait to continue reading on
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