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12/6/2009 c4 WishxOnxAxStar
This is a good story I hope that you can update it soon
9/19/2009 c4 102TJ Sparkles
Why make any apologies at all for this chapter? I didn't think it was too long or drawn out. I rather enjoyed it because we need to know more about Jason to find out why he is the way he is, and that's what this chapter did.

I don't understand how anyone could abandon him..Chris definitely made a mistake there. Poor baby, he really hasn't had it easy. I don't know how he's still alive-I'd probably have driven myself crazy by this point.

Beautiful, beautiful work. Love you Dommie.
9/18/2009 c4 JeffHardylover21
OMG, this is once again awsome
9/18/2009 c4 26loves-Boy-Slash
A new chapter! :)

So Jay had to bury his own parents :(

No wonder he has nightmares and things...

Great chapter! and I'm so looking forward to the next one :)
9/18/2009 c4 2xbeautifulnightmare

Ahem. Sorry, but it's so true! You're such an awesome writer, with a very creative mind. (:

Poor Chrisitan. I feel so sorry for him. I so hope Lilian can help him. This is really intense hon, it's so good! Really!

This is such a well-written fic. I just love it! I really can't wait for the next chapter! [:

Loz. :D
9/18/2009 c4 162Dark Kaneanite
Psh, a great writer takes all the time in the world for they write for themselves. We readers will wait patiently and thrill over each new offering.

Poor Jase, to have to go through that and then to have to bury his parents and pretend that everything was alright. I can't imagine anyone being normal after all that.

And Chris being the abusive boyfriend, I wish I could say that I couldn't see him doing that, but I can't. I do see the potential in him to be that way. But then again we all can be that way.

So Jase gets off on pain? Hmm, I've heard of weirder fetishes, now I wonder how Lilian is going to take it and what she tries to do to help Jason.
9/18/2009 c4 Guest
Oh, the plot thickens.

Don't apologize for the monologue; it was about time for it. And she IS his therapist. *nod*

I noticed that sometimes you have tense issues...For instance, in the paragraph after the voice in Jason's head admonishes him, you start writing in present tense. From "It's so hard..." to "...at me again," the present tense is okay, just slightly more conversational, as though the voices still do talk to him. It's more personal. However, if it's going to be in past tense, it needs to be consistently in past tense, except for when he's describing things that are still the same.

Writing in first-person can be irritating...

Other than the tense thing (and the fact that you've kinda made Jason British, which I suppose is your prerogative, or maybe just habit...), though, this is a good chapter. It explains a lot of WHY he's in therapy, and he's decided to trust her, which is an advancement in the plot. So good work there. : )

I'm really enjoying watching this story progress-you do suspense rather well.

9/2/2009 c3 2xbeautifulnightmare
Gosh Angel, do you realize how much I'm in love, LOVE with this fic? - I now love Christian/Lilian even more! :D

Your writing skills are just amazing! I'm way jealous.

I'm so happy Christian decided to tell Lilian. She's way lucky to get a hot man like Christian after her.

I SO wanna see what happens between them when he tells her the truth. (Let me say that I think it'll be more than what Christian did xD)

Really can't wait for the next chapter. It'll be even more amazing. (If that's possible! xD)

Loved it once again hon. Fabulous (:

9/1/2009 c3 JeffHardyLover21
Another excellent chapter
9/1/2009 c3 26loves-Boy-Slash

I'm more interested now then before, Can't wait to see what Jay tells her...

Also if they get together...

Lovely story and great chapter, Can't wait for you to post the next one :)
9/1/2009 c3 102TJ Sparkles
Well, HELLO there, little Jason! Wasn't expecting that (to say the least), but I really, really am not going to complain at that vision. Damn, how lucky is Lilian to have that sexy man lusting after her like that?

Tell her, Jason, tell her! I want to see what happens when he does. I don't think she'll refuse him...

GREAT job, sweetie!

Twin T
9/1/2009 c3 wrestlefan4
hm...interesting. So I can't wait to hear Jasons story. Lilian seems to have taken a liking to him beyond the therapist-client relationship. uh oh :)
9/1/2009 c3 162Dark Kaneanite
*licks lips* That was a lovely picture to imagine, Jason pleasuring himself.

But now ya got me interested in what Jason has to reveal. And whether or not his daydream will come true. Hm, guess time will tell. Can't wait for more.
9/1/2009 c2 102TJ Sparkles
Aww, my poor Jay :( He's really been hurt in the past, hasn't he?

You're doing such a good job with this, Dommie. I continue to be blown away with this chapter, and I'm sure the next chapter will be even better than this one. Why is he so afraid to open up? Especially to Lilian? Is he afraid that she's going to judge him?

Anyway, I really adore this story so far. The pairing's really cute too.


8/29/2009 c2 26loves-Boy-Slash
Oh :( Christian was raped by his boyfriend and then found him dead so sad

No wonder he's seeing a therapist.

Great new chapter! Can't wait for the next one.
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