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3/16/2013 c6 6EccentricHearts
Leo and Elziabeth
2/15/2010 c12 10livefreely9
dang! :( bad move duncan! bad move!
2/15/2010 c12 9Polka Dot Jewel
omg Quite the cliffhanger! Great chapter. Can't wait to read more!
2/15/2010 c12 25babydon'tletmefall
oh crap not good I was wondering what happened to you I thought you were dead o_o You never updated *sob* well you did now update!
1/2/2010 c11 eXpLoSiVeChEeSe
hurry up & update!1 i wanna see what happens between d and g
12/21/2009 c11 babydon'tletmefall
I think that she should flirt with him he'll like it (horrible I know) and she'll kiss him and he'll kiss back (I know I had a baby barf) and Courtney will come and there will be tears and yelling and fights and yeah (sad) and then the doctors won't let Liam anymore cause they know and then she'll take Molly and stuff and then Duncan and Gwen will fight and they'll try and get Courtney to get like Duncan again but then Courtney talks to a boy and he asks her out and she says yes and then Duncan will get sad whew that was a mouth full update
12/21/2009 c4 1Kinda-like-a-reader
Great story so far!
12/21/2009 c11 Kinda-like-a-reader
It would be so dramatic if Gwen started flirting with Duncan and he liked it and then Courtney comes and sees, takes Liam, and leaves Duncan there with Gwen. (I know, it sucks)
12/21/2009 c11 10livefreely9
wow! col thankx for updating!
10/22/2009 c10 hope-W
i loved all about it.
10/18/2009 c10 3The SpaceCowboy XD
wow, epilepsy, huh?
10/18/2009 c10 sk8inpiro21
im sorry but i dont have any ideas right now, but if i get any for this story i will tell u. UPDATE!please?
10/18/2009 c10 13Calamity Now
Kay, a single tear fell from her coffee brown eyes...huh? One thing that a lot of writers don't realize is that the looks of a character really does not matter. Especially when it comes to fanfiction, where everyone knows what the character looks like.

I could go on for hours about who should be feeling what...but, here's a tip instead. Try to put yourself in the person's shoes. Especially in first person it is so important to feel everything that the character is feeling. Bring up memories that can make you relate. Etc etc.


10/18/2009 c9 Calamity Now
One thing that irritates me about this chapter is that there really is no emotion in it. SHE HAD BABIES. There should be tears. A lot of pregnant women can't stop crying for a long time. And she was pushing out kids...don't you think there should be more pain added to that? The baby had to the cord wrapped around his neck there really should be fear. It's all just so brief it's really leaving the reader uninterested and skimming.


10/18/2009 c5 Calamity Now
Courtney seems to me to be out of character. She giggles far too much it's one thing that irritates me to the max, sorry.

10 points on the mood swings though ^_^ how very Courtney like


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