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12/11/2009 c1 A fan
It is a great story! I could imajine this being in the show! Just so you know instead of century it should be decade and alright is actually all right but other than that awesome!
12/8/2009 c13 impalette
Even if it gets boring, because I write almost everytime the same, but it's true; great chapter!

Ireally like the part where Sam gets to Dean but he's so careful because he knows his brother's still dangerous - it's so tensing! It was such a nice chick-flick-moment when they flicked the lighter together :-)

The sentence 'he was atthe end of his strength' really got me.

The little dither in which car Bailey would ride was cute^^

Of course the end part with Bobby was a great job!

Now I'm of course curious about Sam's absence, but also sad that it means the next chapter is the last chapter...can't wait :-)
12/8/2009 c13 zuimar
Hi, thanks for your weekly update! I'm really glad that they've finally managed to get rid of Joe. Also glad that Bailey got reunited with his boss, you can't hurt the doggie, can you?
12/7/2009 c13 38Marlowe97
Oh oh... I'm worried about Sam. What is e doing, what evol plan is hatching in his brain? I', pretty sure Dean won't like it.

Good chapter.

In the middle you had me wondering, the "long long time later" - I was just nearly sure Dean had had a flashback and he had been to hell already - and back again. Would have been interesting too, I think.

I liked this paragraph:

"Great, so now Dean didn’t only have to mind about Sam's feelings, he had to traipse around Bobby as well. Wonderful. Like this wasn’t hard enough without being able to at least trying to divert himself from it all by using his oldest, most precious weapon against pain – by making fun of it.


Very good, very true. I mean - what else could Dean have done? Cry all the time and whimper into his pillows? No, faced with the deal coming due, he needed to joke about it. Even though I agree that it would hurt the ones he loves - and who love him - deeply to be reminded.

Good of you to get the dog back. Thank you so much.
12/6/2009 c13 ukfan101
I know that Sam was in a hurry and that the woman was supposed to be hiding in the car, but I was a little surprised when they didn't find each other when Bobby and Sam got to the car. Oh well..I am glad that they all found each other and even the dog! good chick flick moments...but is the bad guy really dead and gone?
12/6/2009 c13 111deangirl1
I'm so glad that you aren't rushing to the end here! This was a lovely beginning to the end as it were. I liked the scene with Dean and Bobby - I think that hit a nice balance without becoming too sappy! I'm very curious as to what Sam is up to...
12/5/2009 c13 39Colby's girl
Good job!
12/5/2009 c13 70dreamlitnight
Great chapter. Nice flow of action in this one. Poor boys. Hope the ending has a little happy for them. Thanks for sharing. ;0)
12/1/2009 c12 impalette
You're back! *big smile from ear to ear*

Dean and his hero-comlpex^^ If Joe doesn't get him, Sam'll do the job...
12/1/2009 c12 143PADavis
Glad to see the new chapter, and I do appreciate an enraged Sam very much. Very glad to know there should be a new chapter soon, too!

11/30/2009 c12 106Mistress Sorcha
Now honey, what have I told you about that? Sometimes you need to get it all out of you. It's like a poison, a slow, accumulating poison that curls inside you and sends little doses into the way you think and talk and act but likes to keep the majority of itself untrackable and under the radar so it can cause more damage that way. If you hold everything inside, eventually you'll burst and spew all that nastiness and pain onto others, usually those closest to you, even if you don't mean to. You just can't bottle things up inside. You need to let things out, let them bretah, let yourself get a better perspective on them in the light of day so you can see how to overcome the obstacle or make a change in how you do or see things so you don't have a repeat of the situation down the road. I am GLAD you let us know you were having a hard time. I want you to get just as much enjoyment out of your work as we readers do!

I love you writing. You do great with the characters, you understand their nuances and the way they interact with ecah other and you do a wonderful job writing them. I love reading you work and look forward to each update, knowing I'm in for an amazing story and experience. Please, do be discouraged. Don't be so hard on yourself, either. I know, easier said then done, but I do hope you realize that we would tell you if we felt the writing was off or needed work and since that hasn't happened, you should be assured that you are doing fantastically!

Hang in there, darlin. I am proud of you for sticking it out, depsite your misgivings and I am really looking forward to reading more.

Thanks, sweetie. Anytime you need to talk, I'm here.

11/30/2009 c12 ukfan101
cool update...finally Dean broke down about being scared about going to hell..something the show should have done...and yeah Dean was stupid to go it alone but you can see his thoughts...if he could face up to this fear as he knows he can't face up to the fear of hell...good job
11/29/2009 c12 39Colby's girl
11/29/2009 c12 zuimar
Hey, you're back! And with an awesome update! Please tell me it's Bailey that's making the noise in the woods. I'd love to see a happy reunion with Bailey and its owner.

I hope you had a great holiday!
11/28/2009 c12 grea8read
No apology necessary. Repeating myself, you who are writers, are a blessing when you share your time and talent. If you need a bit of compassion, encouragement or a pat on the back, I feel it's the least we can do for the debt we have to you for providing us such wonderful entertainment, escapism, plain wonderful 'time' to just enjoy a great story.

Thank you again and again for sharing your time and talent.

It is appreciated more than this reader can express.


P.S. Loved this chapter!
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