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11/28/2009 c12 38Marlowe97
Yay, welcome back!

So, stupid Dean. Poor woman - being afraid for your dog is the worst thing I can imagine. Since I don't have children, because I guess that is even worse. But dog... yea. I have been fearing for my dog for hours a few times, and it makes you do stupid things, like not going to safety and not trusting Dean Winchester. And not wanting to cuddle him - only reason I can think of is that she s plain too worried about Bailey...

So, I'll be with you, to the bitter end!
11/14/2009 c11 impalette
At first a great 'thanks' to your brother in law, and of course a much bigger one for you writing such an awesome chapter. I really can't understand why you think your writing is bad and why you are dissapointed of yourself!

This chapter was so exiting, thrilling, emotionally,powerful,...you're so much into the characters, it's pure pleasure for me! I'm glad Dean goes on by his own so we can expect more hurt!Dean :-) (and i'm also happy you didn't choose the impala to get crashed^^)

I'm struggling to find the right words to show you how much this story is gripping me . I'm begging you to stop thinking so low from your talent, because it's a very unique one! So please keep on going and sharing.

I wish you the nicest vacation :-))
11/12/2009 c8 1renniespice
I enjoyed this chapter very much! Did Bobby tell Sam everything yet? Look forward to the next chapter.
11/8/2009 c11 grea8read
1) Yeah! Chapter 11!

2) Yeah Brother-in-law coming to the rescue!

3) Worse? Not even possible.

4) Have a wonderful vacation.
11/8/2009 c11 38Marlowe97

Reading your A/N, I had to giggle a little. Though of course I shouldn't, it's not funny to nearly loose all your work (reminds me... need to do a safety-copy on my external...) but I just know what you mean about writing.

So... if you like some encouragement: I still think your style is good. Not bad, not overly flowery (which can be pretty annoying, sometimes). Maybe you need a break of this fic (which I seriously hope you just don't take... cause I wanna know how it ends!)

See, I have about three half-written fics in my hard-drive and whenever I feel like I did a crappy job, think about deleting them... well, I go look them over and keep them. Don't add to them, since I have some problems with my muse, sometimes (she is a little bitchy, right now), but I still like what I wrote. And if ever I finish a fic? I post.

But I like your style and I like this story enough to be hooked, and that is saying something. (and to make you feel better: I NEVER had more than 100 reviews. Not once! Take it as consolation ;-) )

Oh, the chapter. Well, what can I say: Dean, you're so going to hell for this stunt. You're going anyway? Ups...

I hope the stupid dumb-ass gets either help from Sam and Bobby or manages to do what he came to do and sneak back without the snorers knowing (Well? It COULD happen...)
11/8/2009 c11 Alienmom
I really enjoy your stories, this one included. They are full of emotions, grab you and make you want more. Please write on, can't wait for more of this story and hopefuuly more to come.
11/8/2009 c11 70dreamlitnight
I'm sorry you had such a rough week. I have been enjoying this story and the update although you do seem to favor the dreaded evil cliffie... Thanks for writing and sharing. Hang in there. Remember life goes in cycles, so you have some good to look forward to after all this bad. :0)
11/8/2009 c11 17rholou
well i genuinely thought that was a great chapter, enjoy your vacation and i look forward to more when you get back
11/8/2009 c11 zuimar
OMG, didn't see this coming at all! Dean is right about one thing, he's so going to get it from Sam and Bobby!

I'm really glad your brother in law could help you out with your computer, that must have been such a relief.

Have a great holiday!
11/8/2009 c11 111deangirl1
I'm going to attribute your A/N to a bad week and a crashing computer... I sympathize! My main computer is coughing up blood... I love it, but I recognize the signs that it is nearin the end of its life... and no. I haven't backed everything up... I know, I know...

Your writing is NOT getting worse - silly! Loved this nice long chapter and I'm hoping you won't be gone on vacation too long - because you've left us with a truly evil cliffie! I'm hoping Dean will be able to defeat Joe long enough to get the girl and get away - or that Sam and Bobby will wake up sooner rather than later...
11/8/2009 c11 Iuliana
so I was to lazy to write a review today but after reading your ending notes I have to say" Are you out of your freaking mind? What's gotten in to you? Your writing is no where near bad. Everything I've read from is amazing and I have like 4 or 5 of your fics as my favorites. I don't have a talent like yours, I wish I could write the way you do but all I can do is read and enjoy. And when somebody like me and many others can't wait for your updates I believe you are doing something right, don't you think? So shut up and write us some hurt Dean cuz some of us have this obsession with hurting this man:)...see I'm just as crazy:)

have a wonderful vacation and hurry back

11/8/2009 c11 148Edina Clouds
Hey Ontara - sorry that you were feeling down. From what I've read your writing is most certainly getting better. I really enjoyed your latest chapter. And the story as a whole is well written and VERY enjoyable. Make sure you have a relaxing vaction and look forward to the next installment when you get back. Take care.
11/7/2009 c11 2Sunlit-Oceans
I like this story lol Please continue writing!
11/7/2009 c11 ukfan101
RL can be a pain sometimes...hope things get better...oh Dean you had opened up so much in the last chapter and had promised Sam to trust him, what are you doing? You always get into trouble when you go off by yourself...you know that...I enjoyed the chapter alot...good job
11/7/2009 c11 masondixon
Life is crappy for alot of us right now. Take your vacation and enjoy your free time. And then come back and write again. Dean and Sam- and your readers- will be here waiting.
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