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for First Chance at Love

5/13/2012 c1 2CCHemmingsworth
This is such a beautiful story! I laughed and cried, and I hope there are more chapters to come.
4/23/2012 c3 1avalesa uharets
i agree. I HAVE A DREAM... this is exactly the kind of thing we need to tell people about. my parents would kill me if they knew i was a lesbian.
1/17/2012 c3 Mych0ice
Great story! Coming out is never easy. Respect is the key; you may not accept me but if you respect me and my right to pursue happiness then I can live with dignity...
10/25/2011 c3 Leona Bowman
I want to cry.. that was Beautiful.. Yes there are lots of family that accepted, but there is still lots that don't.. and that is the sad part.

My niece's friend since kindergarden came out to us when he was 13yrs old. but only 6 months ago came out to his mom and James. he mom loves him. But James is mean to him. But we think it because he is hiding that he is bi.. So sad.

very well written..
10/25/2011 c2 Leona Bowman
Your a fantastic writter.. fucking hhhhhoott..
10/23/2011 c3 sasharose11
I can't imagine how hard that would be, with so much balancing on just a few little words. I'm thrilled for Jasper that it went as well as it did and that his parents were just a bit prepared for this.
10/23/2011 c3 Grizzo
I suspect those parents that truely love their children and are part of their lives, always know. Gald this worked out for him...thx...gr
10/23/2011 c2 Grizzo
I love this future take on their lives. To know they can fight and still make up and love each other...thx...gr
10/23/2011 c1 Grizzo
What a perfect beginning to a new life of love... thx..gr
10/22/2011 c2 Princess Mishawaka
I like that. They both admit to being asses. Nobody can get along with someone else for very long without some kind of arguement/hurt feelings and the problem comes when one of the parties can't or won't say "sorry". I am glad these two got it out.
10/22/2011 c1 Princess Mishawaka
I caught this story in chapt. 3 so I had to go back and catch up.

I love jasper he is just the most gorgeous man ever to be written and I really don't mind him portrayed as gay. He really pairs up the best with Edward.

So finally he admits to himself that he is gay. That is hard but how can he walk away from the love that Edward offers.
10/22/2011 c3 Princess Mishawaka
I truly wish that every set of parents with a gay child would accept them the way the Whitlocks did Jasper. It isn't just being gay either it's just being different from the "mold" those who don't fit. It's important their parents support and love them. Unfortunately it is rare.
10/22/2011 c3 mauralee
Well done. If only every family reacted that way. Someday.
10/22/2011 c1 sugaray
Are you ever going to finish First Chance at Love because it just blew me away and there are so many possibilities for it. How their second date went. first time doing it, first i love you, first argument, coming out, meeting the parents etc and its so sad if none of that happens :-( Anyway will put an alert for it and pray that one day you'll be hopefully inspired to finish it.
10/22/2011 c3 48naelany
You made me cry, woman
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