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for Broken by Love

11/22/2014 c1 27LeopardFang
Great story. I personally think Nightcloud is awesome, and I like how you wrote this.
8/29/2012 c1 12Skystar5
NIghtcloud should have been his mate when Feathertail passed. not another stupid halfClan romance. NIghtcloud sympathies echo in my story if I can just get my Coauthor to sit and write. a fellow Nightcloud sympathizer
6/12/2011 c1 2Shadowfox1311
I think that crow really does love her but since every time he does show he loves someone the go away i.e he finally admits that he loves feathertail...she dies! He opens up two leafpool... she leaves him!1
10/3/2010 c1 65heavyneos
i've never seen warriors but if its as good as this then it should be really good
11/8/2009 c1 Icelegs
I lovelovelove it! It's written with such a depth of feeling, of sorrow and pain- excellent!
9/14/2009 c1 Swirltail

thats so sad! i'm actually one of the few people who normally feel sad for Nightcloud! i mean, her mate doesnt like her or their kit!

ah well...

Pretty good story!

The second-person thing was a bit weird, but i liked it!

Keep up the good work!
8/31/2009 c1 LadyCat 51
I like the story. It made you feel how Nightcloud felt and why she did what she did to help Crowfeather. I hope you write more and that Crowfeather and her can really find the love they both need. I like Leafpool but her first and best love is for her clan. She has a special road to walk.
8/30/2009 c1 8Mysticbreeze327
Yah i really feel sorry for Nightcloud because she did nothing wrong. I mean she has like billions of haters and she doesn't deserve it. No offense to her, but i hate Leafpool. Its all her fault that Bramble and Squirrel broke up. And the three siblings are now 2. I like feather and crow best, than Night and crow. Leaf and Crow are rock bottom. UGH!



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