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8/16/2013 c1 Guest
the best writer in this I lived without your stories all these years Ive never know!you are wonderful
4/8/2010 c1 1Steampoweredgal
i love how believable everything in this story is! great work!
2/28/2010 c1 Rosa Bud

Especially the ending!

You gotta love killers. ;)
1/16/2010 c1 5arwenfrodogurl
I just finished playing Mrs. Lovett, and I have to tell you, this is EXACTLY, exactly how it is.

The secret, though?

You stay in love with Sweeney (not the actor, Sweeney) long after it's over...and you'll never see razors the same way again.
10/30/2009 c1 13Megan Hale
Wow. That story. Wow. I'm probably one of the biggest Sweeney Todd fans out there, and that fanfic was probably the best written interpretation of character I've seen.

Great job,

Keep writing!

-Megan Hale
9/3/2009 c1 JeNeParlentPasVraimentFrancais
thank god there are still people writing for sweeney todd! youre litterally the oNLY author in 09 still writing it, and as I just became a fan, Im thankful for you greatly!
8/31/2009 c1 EsmeMoon
Oh wow, that was beautiful and tragic at the same time. You are such a brilliant author my dear!

je t'aime, Esme

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