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10/16/2021 c1 1AbrilLaMayor
Great fic! Shame it had to end so abruptly... You really nailed everyone's character and the writing was very enjoyable, and, deliciously sad. Nice work!
3/9/2021 c15 9Trudyann B
Thanks for a good read! I'm really enjoying it!
4/18/2020 c15 nitewolf423
Will this ever be continued
6/3/2019 c15 2xkurakurax
i hope you come back to update this one day. this is a really good story. i especially can’t wait for jack to find out that phantom’s his son, lol. i actually thought at the beginning of this that he would be the one to have known all the time but was waiting for everyone else to notice. also, why the heck would vlad drop them in the middle of nowhere like that? is he watching them right now as some sorta game or something? maybe it’s so his parents find out in a way that vlad won’t be “responsible” so his secret stays that way. in any case, at the risk of sounding irritating, i hope you please update soon. :p
6/3/2019 c11 xkurakurax
damn, at work and i read the Fus Ro Dah joke and had to swallow a snort. i immediately thought of the youtube video with the science experiment. ... now i can’t stop snickering, lmao.
7/26/2018 c15 Guest
5/30/2018 c15 3Yorkielover 790
Uh, I'm new to the Phandom, but very observant. I noticed it's been six years since the last update. I'm not really expecting this to ever really get finished at this point, but I always have the smallest hope for stories as good as this one, however abandoned it may seem. So, if you just needed a reminder or more support for it, know that I'm here one hundred percent keeping tabs.
10/3/2017 c8 Mari
I got this feeeling..
It's sooo apeeeeling.
Bout' how we all can come together and sing!

Sorry. Couldn't help myself.

10/1/2017 c6 Guest
it's gettong shorter everytime
9/29/2017 c15 XxSil
9/11/2017 c11 Reaper1173
I'm liking the Idea of Jazz getting into videogames. I can see it happening because Danny had locked her in "his" room and disconnected the computer, leaving the console, a pile of games and a book called 'How to enjoy Video games for Dummies!' midnight rolls by he comes back to his room with his door broken, Lock and Handle on the ground, with his sister surrounded by chips, a sandwich, and soda.
with her trying to kill a dragona with an orange haired female character.
9/1/2017 c15 5Natsuki D
Can't wait for more /
6/17/2017 c15 dcgirl07
Oh God, the cliffhanger... My heart...
2/24/2017 c15 1ernie101
Please update
2/10/2017 c15 7speedyowl152
I'm so curious what's gonna happen and how jacks gonna find out and what vlads plan is, though something about the "last updated 2012" tells me im never going to find out haha I need to start checking if fics are complete before I start reading them
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