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6/18/2011 c24 kimjuni2
Ahhh i love it, as usual, so awesome job again and take your time
12/12/2010 c23 3LyricalZodiac
You have to keep updating! I don't knoe what I'll do if you don't update this story! It's an amazing story and it really keeps your attention.

I do have one thing to say. Work on your grammar. Keep updating! PLEASE!
9/12/2010 c23 Lovesfanctions
i really love this chapter, please update again!
7/21/2010 c23 5Kimjuni2
Ahh i so love it, amazing job, i missed ya, but i understan it =)

awesome job, poor rozin and zuko, can't wait till the next one !
7/21/2010 c23 lover of avatar
i hope rozin is not dead i want him to be alive and be with kaiya
5/26/2010 c3 Nyle

oh my gosh this is soo good so far! I love the way you've described the moment when Aang's daughter and Katara go shopping and his son is pulling on his robes for his attention...I could just imagine him pulling every which way in desperation while Aang is like *sigh... XD
2/5/2010 c22 Kimjuni2
Is sokka dead? Omg not Sokka. Anyway great job again, i luv it!
2/4/2010 c22 lover of avatar
this chapter was very sad with sokka and tylee dying like that .i hope in te next chapter that nobody eles die and sokka and tylee come back to life in some way.
1/25/2010 c21 Kimjuni2
luv it, great job^^
1/24/2010 c21 lover of avatar
this chapter was good but it was too short and not enought details but other than that it was good and hope that the other chapter is up shortly
1/12/2010 c20 lover of avatar
hurry up bring out the next chapter it's taking too long.
1/8/2010 c20 lover of avatar
wow this chapter is very intresting now this time kaiya is alive.i hope the guards who come for kaiya is the guard who plan to go against azula and destory her and the yan-yan and the dia lee and escaped safty.
1/7/2010 c4 lover of avatar
a part of your story is mixed up chapter 4 surpose in chapter 5 and chapter 5 in 4, u didnt say ot sokka and zuko arrived at the western air temple
1/6/2010 c20 lover of avatar
i hope aane and the others get out of theat siturarion alive. the scens with kaiya and rozin is so cute and i hope that kuzon tell tia how he feel about her in one of the chapters
1/6/2010 c12 lover of avatar
this story wa good can't wait to see what katara and the others will do now kaiya is alive.keep it up hurry up do the rest chapters
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