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for Spirit Bound: Redemption

11/30/2009 c22 mandii2003
OMG awesome can't wait ti see what happens on the road trip maybe dimitri might come and help lol

love your stories and am very jealouse you got to read the first chapter of spirit bound.. in Australia its hard to get it I ordered it and its taking forever ar.. lol x
11/30/2009 c7 luvduv
LOVED this chapter! kinda sad though :'(
11/30/2009 c22 Nina76
Steffy ... Oh sweet baby jesus u made me cry I'm really cry. You killed me, I mean I know understand. But sweet baby Jesus that was just heart breaking but FREAKIN AWESOME YOU SO ROCK! Can't wait to read what else u have in store :-).
11/30/2009 c22 1rachelalexandra
Dude, there had BETTER be a sequel! I am loving it, though. You had just the right balance between heart-break and resolve, as well as her feeling guilty again over her love-life etc. And yes, I did read the excerpt, and I concur with your sentiments exactly! I loved Adrian's list, and also the fact that she referred to her Father as a pirate. Too funny.
11/30/2009 c22 3NifflersAndBooks136
AW Can't wait for a sequel. Which story did you mean when you said the first chapter should be up next week, the Vampire Diaries, or the sequel to this?
11/29/2009 c22 1efearthling
Loved it! YAY! There is going to be a sequel!

11/29/2009 c22 2elly94
great keep going.

11/29/2009 c22 4unnz4
awsome you posted another chapter! :D

i hope everything goes well when she and lissa and adrian and pavel go to find victor!

he doesnt deserve to be free!

anyway, im soo happy u posted!

cant wait for the next chapter!

11/29/2009 c22 3Jasper'sPrincess213
Great epilogue! I hated Dimitri for leaving. I hated him for not even looking back. I loved the talk that Rose had with Adrian and am happy that she's letting him tag along even if I don't like all of her reasons. I hope that maybe she can get to know him better during the summer and come to her senses that Adrian is hot and really does love her! Are you writing the sequel soon? Please do! I loved this story and can't wait to start reading the sequel!
11/29/2009 c22 BougieJoanna
Really enjoyed the epilogue! very satisfying until the sequel ;) Great fic! And a ditto OMG with the 1st chapter of spirit bound! I didnt expect Rose and Adrian so soon! Love the love/threat letters and everything else packed in those pages! Can't wait! I started reading Mead's Succubus books too.. Her style is very similar and witty/sarcastic, and I am enjoying them too! Until the sequel, or Vamp Diaries [I heart Bonnie and Damon]
11/29/2009 c22 lives-in-a-fantasy-world
hehehehehehe...awesome ending =D 3
11/29/2009 c22 7redredreglasses
Am v sorry to see Dimitri leave - but that means yay for a sequel :D Absolutely loved this story - love your writing style that is so realistic and really presents Rose's voice well.

Btw: I know this is really random to ask in a review but would you have any recommendations for good books in this sort of genre? I read that you were writing a Vampire Diaries fic - so this is worth reading? Sorry, I just finished my last year of school and finally have time to read but not sure what to read so thought I might ask...

Anyway looking forward to the sequel :D (which will be interesting with Dimitri bonded to Adrian :P)
11/29/2009 c22 Marina Del Pilar
aH cries!

This was sad, very sad!

But nonetheless, great as usual!

Sequel! Yes yes!

Omg...I need to get the Vampire Academy signed edition I REALLY DO!

Gah what was the 1st chapter about? gah...I'll buy it asap.

Thanks Steffy for another great story ^-^
11/29/2009 c22 nanettka
You do know that your going to kill me now ... I have to wait till your done vampire diaries before you continue with this story .. oh my god ... especially now that Dimitri is out of the picture and she is holding Adrian's hand .. love him .. please please please don't keep me waiting too long PLEASE
11/29/2009 c22 1Roza-Belikov24
I can't wait for a sequel to this story, it was really sad and horrible."Tears" :(

I actually feel like Rose, being betrayed and hurt. I do understand Dimitri decision. He needs to heal and to find himself before things are back to normal.

I liked the ending and it was dramatic (sad) but I can't tell you left it open for a sequel.

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