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for Spirit Bound: Redemption

3/1/2013 c14 33roza m belicova
sweet! wow I never in my whildest dreams expected Rose and Fireboy to get so close! and I knew that even as strigoi dimitri had honour!
2/21/2013 c13 roza m belicova
wow! I sware, you are one of the greatest authors! and, let me just say, I read a lot of fan fics. :) great storry!
1/2/2013 c23 2GabriellaBelikova
Wow just wow. Words cannot explain what I am feeling right now. You have made me feel more emotion than reading the actual series. I mean no disrespect to Richelle Mead when I say that I wish this had been the fifth book. Do much more detail and feeling and creativity. Damn. I am thoroughly impressed. Bravo.
Xoxo- GabriellaBelikova
9/29/2012 c5 Rainbow Cookies
Not trying to be mean but for future refrence it's 'kizim' or 'kiz' for short.
8/14/2012 c11 pia
i just loved it!
2/19/2012 c25 ashleyr2468
i voted for your trailer, i loved the beginning it was almost like a professional movie trailer
12/31/2011 c1 little miss michievous
i feel so bad for rose, i mean comon' how could you kill off her love like that? but i quess this is what made me keep reafing the series for soo long. as a young author i read other works and see how my more greater writers compose their stories i realize you guys have dramatic plot twists to keep the readers in a spell so they therfore want to keep reading your series, i know thats why i am. also very interesting beginning. i never personally had a dream like that but i can connect. it was all very good and i basically love this series!

- little miss mischievous :D
8/2/2011 c22 Simi
wow! you are an a amazing writer,so good i started crying when dimitri left rose,though my only complaint was it ended right there with adrian and rose please write more in hope that dimitri comes back in the story.
8/2/2011 c16 anonoymous
man i love what u write you really could become an author one day that's not my real name it's just that i kinda feel shy saying my name

p.s: please keep writing stuff to do with rose and dimitri it's so romantic
2/3/2011 c11 annodomini5070
i totally in love with your stories! but still about russian - sorry to keep interrupting - but there's no name like Dimka for woman, maybe you meant DiNka (from Dina)? anyway i like it
2/1/2011 c24 Guest
AWESOME Spirit Bound interpretation! Almost better than the actual one. Will definitely check out the sequel. ;)
1/7/2011 c19 bretty.lim
ppl i'm gonna tell u the truth...i'm scared! LOL :D
1/7/2011 c18 bretty.lim
OMG i never knew adrian was so sweet! sometimes i wish i was rose

:( ;( :P
1/6/2011 c11 bretty.lim
hi stef! this stuff is starting to get soooo good that sometimes when i'm reading, i think i'm reading off the actual Spirit Bound book itself!and i mean written off the actual author! except for a couple of mistakes, in total it's FANTASTIC!
12/18/2010 c22 aria
OMG i cant beilive that Demitri left rose... I have to know wats going to happen...
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