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5/2/2010 c3 4Taydr
All right... lol... very interesting, I admit. Also rather random. I like it, brought a smile to my face on a bad day. :) Syrion should've stayed Syrion in Al Bhed because it's a name, and unsent's eyes are not black. Auron's eyes are a copper/russet/light brown color. Not black. Anyways, continue?
9/7/2009 c2 7HopeInHell
Good chapter :)If you don't mind though I would like to point out that names stay the same in Albed so it would just be Syrion not Coneuh.
9/4/2009 c1 welcometotheguillotine
I haven't been reading FFX fiction for a while, but this one really caught my eye. I'm very interested...keep writing!

love cassie


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