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for Treacherous Heart

1/26/2010 c2 KM Rune
not sure why there are more reviews. Awesome story and I hope more is to come! ^_^
10/17/2009 c2 70flooj9235
I really like this! The idea of Hermione's disease is really thought provoking, and you're doing an awesome job! I'll assume this has more to it since it's not marked complete.

Keep up the good work!
10/13/2009 c2 AccountNoLongerActive1
Loved it :) Are you goig to continue?
10/2/2009 c2 3astroclone
I really like this story. Creative concept. I hope you plan on continuing.
9/7/2009 c1 7RyPtoPh4n
=[ that was..so heartbreaking *cries* no pun intended lol D=

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