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1/4/2014 c6 4Hiira
I thought I had added this fic in my fav list. I also thought I gave a review but I guess I hadn't. I wanted to say I really enjoyed reading the fic! Thank you for sharing this with us. Keep up the good work! :D
9/25/2011 c1 17Tears of Eternal Darkness
Poor Legolas. I love how you described everything, it's very well written and Legolas and Gimli both seem in-charcter. Well done!

9/8/2011 c3 4The Nameless Stranger
Hmm...they might have had their differences, but i don't think that they dislike the elves so much. And Gloin himself is involved in this? I don't know.

Anyway, it's an enjoyable read.
9/8/2011 c2 The Nameless Stranger
Whoa, these dwarves' plan is cunning!They should show more respect to a hero and his hero friend...or to anyone, actually...preposterous...

(Moving on to the next chapter)
8/2/2011 c6 15ZJFS
Oh yeah, Aragorn's reaction is certainly something to imagine...Good job!

5/1/2011 c6 Kiren
Amazing story :D

Now I wonder how long will be their report to Aragorn. Because looking at it now... there won't be much to say (considering they want to leave out those "details", and how many of them they have) XD
4/28/2011 c6 17Manwathiel Melda
That was an amazing ending to the story! I would love to see a little tiny sequel of what happens when they return to Gondor and tell Aragorn. But you don't have to write that. :)

Sorry it's taken me so long to read the last two chapters. They were both awesome. Legolas is so gracious, or even princely, at the end when he agrees to be friends. I love the ending! :D
4/28/2011 c5 Manwathiel Melda
OMG! I can't believe I haven't read this chapter yet! I know it's been up for a long time, and I finally read it.

It was awesome! I can't wait to read the next chapter... :D
4/27/2011 c6 ebbingnight
Yay, happy to get those answers at last, though the foolishness of some of the actions was quite surprising. One would have expected a bit more sense from dwarves, though not necessarily good treatment for uninvited guests!

Nice story: thanks so much for not leaving us in suspense forever!
4/20/2011 c6 9Caelhir
Hooray! I love a good conclusion! And those silly dwarves, thinking they'd be able to pull one over on Gimli! He's much too smart for that!

I'mstill o the hunt for that extremely elusive story, and if I EVER end up finding it, I'll be heading to the UN to issue a international broadcast so that I may share my unexpected good luck with all the peiple on FFnet!


4/20/2011 c6 12yamina-chan
All I can say to the dwarfs is: Think, before you act.

Oh my.

Anyway, I'm glad that everything is cleard uo now and that there will hopefully no more miunderstanding and only friendly banter and harmless pranks.
4/20/2011 c6 13Metoochocolate
Love love love it, k I said it already, but I like how real the characters are
4/7/2011 c5 Metoochocolate
Yay! Happy ending :)
4/7/2011 c2 Metoochocolate
So that's why they took it!
4/7/2011 c1 Metoochocolate
Poor legolas, can't wait to read the rest of the chapters
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