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10/27/2011 c1 darkangel0212
good job on your stories
8/11/2011 c3
The story was actually pretty good. It certainly wasn't what I expected. Good job :)
11/26/2010 c3 2Kemq
Ummm? well it is weard, but i like weard, so i guess i like it?
2/6/2010 c3 cb
so sad please post more stories soon...
12/29/2009 c3 1LoveAngel91
i dont really understand the story. is edward even real in this story? because i cant tell. but other than that i really enjoyed reading this story!
9/8/2009 c2 josh woolf
AH is this taking place during new moon?
9/8/2009 c1 whitney
wow thats intense man great job!
9/8/2009 c3 13French Shark
This was a very interesting albeit a rather confusing one. It's very well written. I really wish there were more to it...

Loved it:D
9/7/2009 c3 53Swing Girl At Heart
Aw, did you put Mike in there for me because you know I have a crush on him? :D Just kidding, he was a really good fit in there. Another brilliant chappie!
9/6/2009 c3 sleepless
aw sad :P
9/6/2009 c2 sleepless
wow twist!
9/6/2009 c1 sleepless
wow great job!
9/6/2009 c3 17Victoria Alatamir Wan
Crazy, but that's only to be expected ^.^

Great job!

9/6/2009 c3 2Yorkshire Rose
This was really good!

I loved it!
9/6/2009 c3 2Ashbuggly14
i think you should extend this story. bot revuse exactley, but continue it. i really really like the idea and it would be cool if somehow like edward came back. and they figured out that charlie or jacob was behind the whole thing! lol. well if you dont continue it, ill be sad :(. but youre the writer here. if you do decide to continue the story, i have you on alert so ill know. goodluck and plz think about what i said. even if what you thinking is WTF? who does this reviewer think she is?
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