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for A Father's Love

6/14/2015 c17 Guest
Great fic! Why did you put hamster when Katie was talking in Spanish?
1/6/2014 c18 BadBoy8
This story would be rated PG-13 for some language, thematic material, emotional moments, and sensuality /partial nudity.
8/22/2010 c18 CarmillaD
Woah, I missed this chapter O_OU. Damn, I've been disconnected... Eep, Katie's reaction in this chapter kinda reminded me of Chelsea Turner from "Love Stinks"... Then again, I do think is suits her personality, specially if she has been haunted by the fear of being just fulfilling a role instead of being loved for who she is. OK, let's check the sequel
8/18/2010 c18 19Nyhlus
*clap*... *clap*... *clap*... (that’s right, I busted out the slow clap)

I just read the last bit of your story. I must congratulate you on realising what you wanted to write about. It was clear you weren’t sure and I’m happy some people gave you some good advice.

When I was just starting out I wrote a couple stories including one with my highest ever review count(to this day) I felt really good about everything until I had one reviewer come and just tell me how utter shit my stories were, and they were, just terrible. And I am so thankful she did, it helped me so much. Of course your story is a thousand times better than mine were. That reviewer became one of my most supportive fans afterwards when I really stepped up my game.

You clearly listened to my advice I gave you. So in my mind you’ve already shown a willingness to improve, so keep it up.

In regards to the actual story, that chapter 16 was actually pretty good, I enjoyed it more than I thought. By the end I was thinking ‘maybe this whole Christmas plot won’t be that bad.’ Though I will admit the part at the end with the two cousins was a bit random. The last chapter was a very nice conclusion to the story, really brought everything together.

The most important thing about writing is write what you want to write. You can’t write a story like my Fake Empire if you’re concerned how many reviews you’re going to get, because honestly you’re not going to get a lot. Fake Empire is not the kind of story the fanfiction crowd is going to easily enjoy, but it’s the story I want to write, how I want to write it. I think the 16 I have is quite the accomplishment, and that’s with two chapters with 0 reviews. The highest I’ve ever gotten is 35(was my first story too).

Congrats on finishing your story and all the best in your other projects.
8/2/2010 c18 25babydon'tletmefall
8/1/2010 c18 10MS.BOOMBOX94
BEST.CHAPTER.EVER! i'm pissed at myslef for not noticing this amazing story for awhile...hope you update soon :)
7/31/2010 c18 13Islanda
Awwww! This story was really amazing! I loved the ending and how DJ proposed to Katie! So sweet! I look forward to the sequel! :)
7/28/2010 c18 202ChloeRhiannonX
OMG! That was reeeally AMAZING! Pleeeease get the sequel out soon =]
7/28/2010 c18 10Kool Broadway Reader
AW . . . sweet ending!
7/27/2010 c17 1QuarterCentum
More people should write just for fun and not approval
7/27/2010 c16 Anonymous
Alright, I'm going to keep this anonymous...but the fact that you are waiting for a certain number of reviews to update is kind of annoying. I mean, sure...I like getting reviews too, but I'm not gonna ask for a certain amount of reviews in order for me to update. Your author's note at the beginning disgusted me. You claim to have people out advertising your story for reviews. What is the point of doing that? Don't you want to write for fun, and not for the benefit of just getting reviews? I mean, some of the reviews you are probably getting are people just doing it because they want another chapter, and not because they have any special feedback. Wouldn't you prefer to have maybe 4 or 5 nice, meaningful reviews rather then 20 ones that were forced out of us?

Don't get me wrong. Your story is pretty good. Not many grammatical mistakes or anything, but I'd really prefer for you not to be asking for reviews again. It makes you look bad, trust me!

This isn't a flame. This is just an honest opinion of your story, just like you asked. (:
7/27/2010 c16 13Calamity Now
Honest opinion? This is my honesty:

The story was mediocre at best.

In my opinion the story followed the characters personalities well the entire thing lacked creativity. The emotions were not well portrayed and even rushed. Through the attempts to add variety to the text actually made it sound quite pretensious and sometimes 'roll your eyes worthy'.

I know I'm harsh, and I'm sure you'll get ten other reviews saying how amazing you are, I've been there. I wrote the worst stories and got maybe one person per five stories who cared enough to try and make me better, obviously I didn't try too hard to get better and listened to the majority. My advice: Never let reviews get to your head. One critique is worth more than 1000 of those, 'omg's it's so good!'. The number of reviews is not a valid argument since most people on this website is 10 - 14 and are writing to make their relationship dreams true.

I was on a thread about types of authors. Though I don't remember the actual terms someone used this was what they were:

The MeMeMe! Writer - the one who writes for themselves and gets mad at those who try to help them improve.

The Fake Writer - the one who will smile and thank others for their advice but never use it.

The Eager Writer - the one who is eager to please and will change whatever anyone points out.

The Smart Writer - the one who listens to what the critiques say but uses their own judgement in what should be changed and if improvement is really needed.

Which one are you? Everything I say could be absolute trash, so use your own judgement and figure it out for yourself.

No matter what, keep writing.
7/27/2010 c15 Calamity Now
I'm late, I've been so terribly busy with Dollars and Pda and other things in my life that I've had absolutely no time for anything else.

((wanna join Dollars by the way?)) LOL



You write in past tense but at times it seems like you're switching. I'm not sure if these are thoughts or what, if they are thoughts then perhaps it could be indicated. Otherwise it sounds awkward.

"bohemian style couch pillow." - awkward, in my opinion. A simple 'throw pillow' or just 'pillow' would have suited it better.

Courtney had a baby? Wow, I've been gone awhile. Again, I apologize.

'bi-racial' that's an innappropriate description for the situation. That's probably a terrible way of phrasing it, but what I mean is that where would bi-racial fit in, really? Simply using Courtney's name would have been much more efficient.

"I could see why she would be so proud, the artificial tree was a marvel in itself" - I really liked that line. It made me smile.

- There Is No Escape,

Calamity Now
7/27/2010 c16 13withhissong
Leah's puppy should be named Chloe. :D

I would really like to see more of Noah, Cody, Ezekiel, and Izzy. They really haven't been in your story, and I think it would be very interesting. xD

Can't wait for the next chapter!
7/26/2010 c16 25babydon'tletmefall
AWWWW! Dis is SO cute! XD Update soon!
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