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for Fight For Light

8/7/2012 c10 1Emberscar
It's alright, if you don't continue this *shrugs* Oh well and if you do *fist pumps* YESH! But, I hope to see the next chapter though.
6/19/2011 c10 kaci
dont give up on thiz story plz i love it best story EVER.

PS:update soon plz
4/11/2011 c10 1djlayla95
you should continue this, this is amazing and i'm looking forward for the epic battle between Rai and Chase :)

i don't know why, but at this fight, i see Ann staying at a safe distance shouting at both of them to stop ... and let's just say that after a time, Chase weakens Rai and poor Rai was barely standing on his own feet while Chase was preparing to serve the last attack {with a asword}.Exactly when Chase pushes the sword in Rai's direction, Ann gets stabbed by Chase {and i hear a song called Sweet Sacrifice XDD}... and falling on the floor motionless.Rai is fully awakened andhe delivers a deadly strike to Chase and then goes to Ann to try and save her but what most of the readers won't expect is that she will pass away :(

yeah, too much imagination and time to short XDD, any wayz, please continue XD
12/22/2010 c9 3AngelofDarkness210
Sara: Dude it;s been over a year since you've updated

Kisa: So could you update please?

Sara: This story is awesome so please continue it
10/29/2010 c9 4wormholes

You should make Omi Awaken first, then in the order they were found, but with Ann and Aaron in the middle.

Then Huge Giant soap opera fight between Chase and Rai...

Gd Job!
6/5/2010 c9 dieustinkingbaka
I LOVE IT u may no me as unknown my anonymous name
5/5/2010 c9 unknown
its really funny keep at it btw i also reveiwed a ppgz thing
2/20/2010 c1 Kizakashi
i haven't read the chapter yet, but from the summery it sounds way better than some of the other stories from this fandom THANK YOU!
1/27/2010 c9 Utau54
I love what happening right now. boy talk about two guys love her. Plz update soon.
12/31/2009 c9 5Elphaba818
9/11/2009 c10 butchxbuttercup4ever
awesome, as always. it seems like you follow my obssessions. i used to luv ppgz, i still do, but now im obssessed with xiaolin showdown. keep up the awesome work.

9/8/2009 c6 selene-vamp
OMG! Thank you for updating you have just made my day! i have been despairing at the lack of current/complete/any non chack chase romance fanfiction! nothing against chack, i just have my favorites...
9/4/2009 c1 12HunnyABee
I want reviews! LOL!

SO I'm writing the first, lol. I just want a review, lol.


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