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11/19/2009 c2 bobbinbird
This is a brilliant story, first of its kind that I have read. I hope you will update soon
10/10/2009 c2 8MasqueradingDragon
Aww. The doctor with a cat. Cute! I think I'm going to like this story. Keep up the good work!
10/5/2009 c2 23Reaper Nanashi
This is certainly a unique enough idea and I think a cat is really exactly what the Doctor needs, much as he might deny it, but I advise a very attentive caution with proceeding. Writing from two different perspectives regarding the same events while those events are happening will slow the progress of the story and it can become tedious very quickly for both the writer and reader(s); sloppiness and a lack of interest on both sides will often ensue. I acknowledge that it may be better to have the viewpoint of both the Doctor and the cat at the start, but later it could prove troublesome.

As much as I love cats, I would suggest that the whole story be written in either first person from the cat's perspective or third person from the Doctor's perspective. An occasional overlap in the narrative would be fine, then, though the point of view would have to stay the same for clarity's sake. If you would rather keep both perspectives, I would suggest alternating chapters as you've already done, but advancing the plot as in any other story, regardless of perspective. Any important event(s) you'd like one particular character to experience can be put off until it's that character's turn for a chapter or addressed with past participles in the next appropriate chapter.

Still, this is a good and fun beginning to what will clearly be an entertaining fic, no matter what. Hope to see more soon.

—RN (LS)
10/2/2009 c2 2NoVacancyMind
oh blimey i love this so much! can't you please update more regularly? i simply ADORE your writing!
9/6/2009 c1 4Amethyst Princess 27
I'm going to start by saying that I am a cat person and that I adore this fuzzy little fic. Great title, great style. Great that you kept the same point of view throughout the whole thing... Me? Not so good with that, not with the first fic anyways and I'm still working on it.

Maybe I give praise too easily, but I'll be on the alert for new chapters.

I have to give you some credit though, when I was reading- I didn't think this was anyone's 'first fanfiction'. I'm glad you didn't go with the 'go easy on me, first fic' thing either, you actually got the story out and gave a better summary than I have seen so far. Can't wait to see more from you, inkblotches.

Good going.

9/6/2009 c1 DemonicK
Oops! Guess it isn't a oneshot. Heh... ^_^' I really need to read the intro before reading a story and reviewing. But then, that is fantastic! Can't wait to see more. Just forgive me my little quirkiness. :D
9/6/2009 c1 14DemonicK
Heh, between me tabbing this page and returning to read it, I see it has garnered another two reviews. Well, let me add to that total.

I think it was brilliant, not only the idea, but the writing and the portrayal of the cat were fantastic. I kept laughing out loud and nodding along, particularly at the 'something important to sit on'.

Frankly, I'd love to see you continue this, not necessarily as a chaptered story, but even just a oneshot follow on(s) or some such. I know you intended this one only as a oneshot itself, but I really think you've got something here, not to mention the talent to bring more stories to life in the same vein.

Well! For the only story you've got up, I think it's wonderful and I hope to see more from you!
9/6/2009 c1 71CosmicalMadison
I love this fic already! It's a good idea and very original. I can't wait to read more.

I love the writing style in this chapter, and here are some of my favorite lines:

"It could be worse, of course; the addition of a dog to this (or any) situation would invariably add to my displeasure."

"I jump up onto the odd shelf in the center, looking for something important to sit on."

"I know from experience that people can be separated into two categories: those who like cats, and those who do not know they like cats."

Great job; more soon, please!
9/6/2009 c1 2NoVacancyMind
awesome! this is one of the coolest fics ever!

very very nice, original, and creative! i wasn't sure if i would like it, but gave it a chance and am very happy i did!

please update soon! i'll review faithfully!

faving this as well ^^
9/6/2009 c1 88Morganeth Taren'drel
Huzzah! So glad you posted! both my mum and I absolutely loved this line:

'I know from experience that people can be separated into two categories: those who like cats, and those who do not know they like cats.'

It's just so true! ^_^

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