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11/19/2015 c1 WhiskeyGinger17
3/17/2012 c1 Louise
awww! Lovely fic, hot and sweet
1/31/2010 c1 1anamarya
good story and very in character.

pillow fight in the middle of a war... is so their style
9/26/2009 c1 6mudpuddledemon
Good story! : )
9/21/2009 c1 6Serenechemnerd
Oh good gods I love you! Thanks for this! Hope you enjoyed writing it as much as I enjoyed reading it!
9/13/2009 c1 JJ

Amazing. Funny, hot, yummy and beautiful. Lee and Kara the way we love them.

PLEASE, PLEASE write more fics like this.
9/9/2009 c1 4gatelover
This was great! I really like how those can be mad at each other and take that moment and turn it into something else.

I like that she knows she can turn Lee into putty. Great work!
9/9/2009 c1 Entilzha
Thanks :)
9/6/2009 c1 1StarryEyedGlimmer
My oh my! You can't tell me that Kara didn't know what she was doing and what she wanted. Very descriptive. She was truly Lee's harlot and intends to be his for a long time.

Liked this very much and am looking forward to more of your stories. Thanks. TTFN(ta-ta-for-now)
9/6/2009 c1 surfergirl88
I think Kara is her perfectly nasty self in this piece...nasty as in fun and unselfconsciously enjoying a romp in the sack with Lee. This type of nasty is not a bad's a very, very, very good thing. Plus, it is the way I always imaging Lee & Kara going at each other - animalistic and uninhibited. Great fic! More please!
9/6/2009 c1 75southern cross
yum. seriously and wonderfully yum.

i miss kara and lee and reading great fics like this warms my heart.

great job.
9/6/2009 c1 22justcourbeau
Chickita, you rock my socks.

I don't know how you manage to write them so well; it;s a mystery to me. But you do it time and time again (assuming you carry through with the chapter fic we've discussed) and I admire our talent.

Fav moment(s): "You have no idea" and when Kara sits on his pillow oh-so-innocently. Also, Lee's nakie time.

Keep working your magic whenever you can; writing is just so natural for you, and it's amazing to be on the receiving end of your prowess.

*insert cylon raider wiggle here*

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