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7/19/2012 c1 6Modestus
This first chapter seems awfully familiar: how Sinbad is thinking, how Bryn is the first to speak, and how they are going to see Caipra. The details are different, but the basic beginning plot seems the same.

As for Sinbad thinking about the “legendary” captain, I wanted to smack him on the back of his head. Talk about boasting. Didn’t Maeve teach him to suck up his pride?

But overall, good start. Flows well.
7/15/2012 c2 Tetisheri
Chapter 2:
Doubar’s feelings and thoughts become more and more clear and deep here,, really like his determination to confront his younger brother after trying to go smoothly with him but Sinbad never give him this chance as he carrying now this awful new feeling of guilt, poor captain I really felt pity for him,, but still good move of Doubar,, he had enough with his brother stubbornness and isolation and can’t understand why he still insist to hide his pain while he has everyone around him really care for him and more than ready to listen to him and help him by every mean they could,, however Doubar’s words are still hard and I couldn’t keep myself feeling the pain in the moment when his words hit Sinbad hardly you know that part “Sinbad's eyes slammed shut.” My heart is ached for him
You see Sinbad got a point here,, yeah he has the right to fight alone in his own battle, but should consider that no one is perfect and he might need help from around or at least some support to be stronger in his own fight,
Love your comparison between Sinbad/Maeve relationship and Sinbad/Doubar one ;) nice move here
OMG this part of Sinbad reproaching himself with everything he did/didn’t do in his life IS JUST AMAZING,, his guilt feeling had just blown up,, you made it perfectly as you described his pain and sorrow that I felt it myself, and now he made a bill with everything/everybody he passed by I’m so taken by your words and this scene,,
AND AGAIN Doubar ability to read inside his brother soul from his eyes ….. WOW like this so much,, he read every single thought of his brother perfectly :D amazing here ;)
And yeah I’m totally agree about 'The eyes are the windows to the soul' ,, that’s SO TRUE. And hehe laughed at Sinbad when been thumped by Doubie :D even in the middle of this touching sad scene,,
Finally our captain surrender this sincere conversation between the two brothers is lovely
Can’t stop laughing at this: "One was enough to swear me off children for life!"
:D even Sinbad couldn’t ;)
OMG those are priceless: "You, Sinbad, you, are the child I always wanted when I grew to understand what fatherhood meant. I never wanted for another. I had you,”
You got that idea I never thought about ,, Doubar as feeling Sinbad was always his son more than being brother never think about needing more in his life,, that’s so convincing Actually brilliant
Dermott’s pain and worry about Sinbad and him feeling useless to not be able to help him is great, and also this comparison between Dermy/Maeve and Sinbad/Doubar situations, Doubar’s help relieving Sinbad guilt gave hope to Dermy to do the same with Maeve And you made here Dermy the elder brother ;)
Like the background you gave to Rumina/Maeve/Dermy trio
And in your world Dermy practicing magic –well that what I believe too- and his hawk form wasn’t new for him he had it together with the human one as metamorphosis in HP and Rumina just prison him in one of them permanently so she didn’t transform it totally,, that’s really nice new idea,, like it so much,,
And again one more new idea,, in your world magic has two forms spiritual and physical and Rumi mixed them to curse Dermy like that too.
Finally very nice chapter and sorry for such elongation
7/15/2012 c1 Tetisheri
So here I’m my princess as I promised ;) first as I told you I read the whole fiction before and I liked it so much,, but now I’m planning to tell what I’m thinking about each chapter
And yeah I can see it’s mainly focused on the emotions, feelings and the thoughts of the characters than the dialogues, well I like both,,, and I find your description is very expressive
So about the first chapter:
I like how he is blaming himself about dangering his crew,, still hesitating between was it his fault or wasn’t it,, part of him says it wasn’t it was Scratch who tricked him yet he can’t stop blaming himself about him believing him and doubting at his faithful master words,,, also how he tries to act normally with everyone hiding his feeling with guilt,, so touching indeed,
Also really like how he was thinking about Bryn’s mystery,, and him feeling somehow responsible to solve it and help her with sincerity,, and the comparison he did between her and Maeve ‘good move because I myself can’t keep myself from doing such comparison all the time, not that I’m against any of them as I like each one in her own way or character but I can’t keep seeing some similarity yet some other so differences between them’,
Now his memories of Maeve and both together invading him,, really love this part how he miss her and how you describe it perfectly,, such a delicate lovely yet torturing memories, and yeah he looks like selfish but no one can blame him, it’s very natural when someone is deeply in love he should feel like that, and actually him thinking like that is so non-selfish from him
Very lovely how again he felt guilty towards Caipra for not reaching Dim-Dim till the moment that he’s worry how would he face her and so clever how he hided from Bryn the other reason of his fear of bringing Maeve memories so painfully while meeting the old friend,
Love how Doubar is feeling his brother’s deep feelings to Maeve and the pain inside him because of the separation,, and him well understanding the inside of Sinbad in spite of the later hiding his thoughts and feelings cleverly and Doubar trying to relieving him a little bit from his suffering yet he knew he can’t
And Doubar appreciating Dermott presence was nice move,, we all can see that during the show progress however never mentioned clearly ;) good move here ;)
Really like how you end the first chap by the opening of the next ‘the question’ really like the first chapter,,
8/24/2011 c14 AgentLKT
Good story. Continue writing. Oh and annabeth will c later on that Percy doesn't always have a sleepy brain. :P
8/24/2011 c14 39TiaKisu
Awww, wow, what a great epilogue! I LOVED this line: "Ah, it's Dermott she thought. It didn't seem important enough to Doubar to yell at him though.He was only human after all…" And of course how you described Sinbad's feelings towards Maeve. That was very poetic! :D

Wow, and so we're now on the quest on getting Bryn's memories back? My gosh, I so do hope you get to write that story! Your background definitely sounds to be one of the most unqique that can be found in the fandom, and most likely one of the most detailed, too. Hehe, and do I sense a little Dermott/Bryn shippiness there? Lol! ;D

Really, thank you so much for writing this story! It is exceptionally well written, and very deep. Please, PLEASE do go on writing!

Very, very well done.


7/26/2011 c14 9inbid
Excellent finale :) To be honest I expected something like that but still it's great :)

And of course, I hope you won't leave it like that, can't wait for the next story :)
4/8/2011 c13 OiseauLune -Moon Bird
Just a big THANK YOU for this chapter! I was waiting for it. This story is fabulous! you are a good writer. I just LOVE it!
3/30/2011 c13 39TiaKisu
Oh. My. God! This chapter is amazing! All those emotions you drew, the doubts, the hurt. It was all so alive, so true. You transported the feelings of Sinbad and Maeve so well to the reader, and what I really want to congratulate on is how you made the surroundings "answer" to that.

I was able to *see* how the green lands crumbled to a hellish place, was able to see how "Maeve" turned into this creature. Really, the pictures you drew were amazing and they added so much to the story of this chapter!

Oh wow, and Caipra's and DimDim's intervention... that was so great! Sinbad and Maeve really owe them a whole lot for without the two they most likely would have lost the fight!

Also I like how Bryn in the end responded to the magic. You did well pick up on what has been shown in S2 there, where she, too, seemed to easily get into contact with any powerful magic.

Okay, what else to tell? I know there are tons of things I wanted to say (and all of them were positive!) but guess I'm forgetting some as I'm writing this review. Anyhow. What I already told you when you posted the teaser: it was a great idea to let him re-live those kisses and it was interesting to read what he felt towards either of them.

I truly wonder whether Rumina and Turok are dead now or whether they just got heavily attacked and survived. It doesn't quite sound like this, but guess I'll get to know in the Epilogue, right?

My, I can't believe this story is almost done! It really counts to the best written fanworks out there!

Amazingly well done, dear!

Looking forward to the Epilogue,


3/26/2011 c13 9inbid
I love the last chapter. It's so deep and touching. Beautiful. Your description of their feelings are simply the best.

I'm out of words...
11/25/2010 c12 39TiaKisu
AWESOME! This was awesome! :D

How you let all those scars heal; how Rumina hurt Maeve. It must be so painful to be reminded of all what the beloved one did while you were away. And even though never had a word been spoken between those two, he still betrayed her in a way. But DimDim told her the truth: he hurt; and he wanted to forget that hurt desperately (or at least isn't that how us S1 fans tend to intepret the whole thing? ;D ).

I LOVE how Scratch is still playing with Turok; being no other's but his own ally.

And the scenes that Sinbad got to see during his test... so sweet. The Doubar one really brought a little tear to my eye. *blush*

"But his friends, those who had stayed with him, deserved to know him as he once was."

What a great sentence!

Really, I sure forgot a whole lot I wanted to comment on, but one thing I will not forget to say: this was an awesome chapter! And I cannot wait for the second part to be written and posted!

Keep up the excellent work!


TK ;o)
11/25/2010 c12 9inbid
Me likes the chapter a lot :D

So magical...

But best part for me is Sinbad's pangs of conscience... LoVe It

"He hurt himself by lying to his friends and family about his feelings and by closing his heart from the pain he KNOWS he was causing."

Love that sentence :)
9/23/2010 c11 inbid
Wow! Love this chapter :D So emotional :D Love it.

I also really like the idea for arrangement of this plot, Rumina and stuff. Amazing :)

Sorry for late review ;)


9/18/2010 c11 39TiaKisu
Awwwww, LOVE it! You solved it all well (hah, I knew you would! ^^). I LOVE the idea with the mirror! That was just GREAT! How he was fascinated of his human self and how Rumina came to him as his double - emerging from the mirror! What an amazing image! Also how you made him/her whisper to Dermott and how he re-lived all this. I am surprised Dermott and Maeve have more siblings though for these times this might have been rather normal, right? And that they're the children of Tristan and Isolde. Really interesting! And so Rumina's mother was no innocent person either, do I take this right? I mean, if she was being banned than obviously you're not taking up on Naha's idea of Turok's wife having been good, right?

All in all: yet another brilliant chapter! I really like this test and how Dermott solved it. And Rumina once again failed. Shall be totally interesting to see how she'll try to mess with Sinbad's test!

Really, really well done! Am looking forward to ch no.12! :D
8/24/2010 c10 Moon Bird
WOWWW! I just discover this site and i am really in awe with your story! It's the best i ever read. It touched me,you really did grasp the characters'profiles! I can't wait to read the rest. Please continue, I support you!

(please forgive my poor english, it's not my native language)
7/8/2010 c10 TiaKisu
Oh. My. God! That was... AWESOME! Really! Somehow it seems to me that with each chapter you're getting better and better. The flow of things, the description of the characters. Your ideas about what happens in the present and what did in the past - they all are unique and great! :D

Gosh, I don't even know if I'll manage to remember everything now that I wanted to comment on while reading it, but I'll try. ;)

1st: I LOVE your lines about Rumina! How she feels towards what's happening around her, how she doesn't understand her father anymore. Her frustration is just understandable and fits her very much. :) Most of all though I was impressed by the fact that she obviously loved him so much, that the love which was flooding her, kept her from using dark magic. What a sweet twist! :D

2nd: What a brilliant idea to have Scratch having used Turok's own magic for bringing him back to life. That just fits the devil. xD

3rd: Awww, my. Those lines about Sinbad and what he truly fears and that he knows that Maeve is part of his soul just as he is of hers, and that he now fears what his ride to the dark side might have done to her... Brilliant! Really. Very insightful! :D

*ponders* Hum, hope that was all I wanted to say. xD All in all yet another great chapter! And with Rumi now interfering in the tests... uuuuh, you definitely know how to keep the readers on their toes! ;D

Just keep on writing, honey! You're doing a brilliant job here! :D Waiting for Dermott's test to take place! ^^

P.S.: Oh, I remember now. There was a 4th thing I wanted to mention: your lines about Caipra and what she is able to sense, yet she cannot interfer in what she is aware of.. really, once more I can only say: great! Really, really liked that! :D
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