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for Forbidden Desire

2/14 c3 CLOIS4LIFE
PLEASE UPDATE SOON! I LOVE how Clois is having a secret relationship! SO HOT!
8/8/2016 c3 SG2788
Wow, would love to

Please Update :)

Soon :)
8/23/2015 c3 Guest
Moreeeee please!
5/30/2011 c3 n
whoa sexy please finish this
7/23/2010 c3 3CuteANDSexxxy17
SOOO HOT! Please update soon! I love the story :)
6/30/2010 c3 Tigger83
OMG! That was one heck of a read. Lordy, have mercy. Everything, from their ride to the hotel and what took place when they got there was extremely HOT! And the out-takes you did with Oliver and Lana were well done. They're going batsh!t crazy with jealousy and I'm lovin' it lol!

Thanks for all the reads - I am most certainly looking forward to the next!
6/30/2010 c2 Tigger83
Great Chapter!

Clois had a bit of a heated reunion, at the beginning - nice! Too bad Chimmy showed up and cool things off, somewhat. Anyways, I liked how you wrote in Lois' & Oliver's flashback. Since Lois and Clark have significant others, it's interesting to see what is going on with them, behind the scenes. I must admit, the way Ollie was acting, I thought he was going to initiate some angry (dominating) sex with Lois, to remind her, of who she belongs to. Would I had mind seeing it? No! Because it would've stayed true, to the context of this story. And that goes for Clark and Lana, as well. As long as you don't have Lois & Clark enjoying themselves (maybe, fantasizing about the other, while in the act or looking disgusted, later lol), I'll be fine.

Anywho, you left this on another heated note, so I'm off to see where it leads to.
6/30/2010 c1 Tigger83
Nice Start!

Lois and Clark are hands down, a hot couple but you've taken them up a notch with this version of them.

Dark/No boundaries-Clark has me intrigued can't wait to see how he snatches Lois from Ollie (cause let's face it, it's inevitable lol).

Okay, off to the next chapter...
6/29/2010 c3 27gathers-no-moss
I'm really liking the concept of an aggressive Kal paired with a more sexually charged Lois.

And that last scene was HOT.
6/28/2010 c3 StarwindX
Curious about past events the most, mostly on how he became a millioanre, awesome fic though, I've hardly ever seen an AU with Clark being anything other than a good-goody Kent.
6/27/2010 c3 12aquarpisc
Very nice, can't wait for an update!
6/26/2010 c3 L.D
holy fuck that was HOT! :) im actually sweating after that just WOW :D
6/26/2010 c3 bigvillir001
wow amazing update soon and update other stories to
6/26/2010 c3 Krypto
Wowza. That was very hot and smoking. Yummy to hot Clois sex. Oh one huge thing which drives me crazy. While I really love exploring an AU Clark, this version of him is NOT Kal-El. Kal-El is the emotionless kryptonian who follows Jor-El's orders and tasked to fulfill his destiny. You are writing Kal who is much more edgier version of Clark who touches on the fringes of the darkness Clark hides inside and the bad boy sex appeal Clark sees as bad. Kal-El and Kal are two totally different personalities and are not at alike.
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