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11/18/2010 c14 41actlikesummer
OH MY GOD! you really need to update please! i am hooked. I was so sad that Ray couldn't remember anythign about them living together or anything. I need to know what happens next. Please update. soon. Thanks. Great story. I love protective Ray.
6/21/2010 c14 28starryjen
Really enjoying this, keep up the good work!
6/9/2010 c14 3Miss kg
Hey BB! I liked this chapter and liked the portrayal of Neela and Abby's freindship. I loved the mention of his likeness for horror flicks and the whole key scenario reminded me of the show.

I'm not sure on what to advise you as I'm not sure which direction you want to take the story. Am always willing to offer some direction, not sure if it would be of any use.

The fic seems to have a balance of comdey and seriousness too.

I can't wait for more! :-)
6/8/2010 c14 3Historianic
YAY! I was so happy to see you'd updated this, thanks so much. This chapter broke my heart - in the best possible way of course, if that makes any sense lol! I know it can't be easy for Ray, missing a year and a half of his life but I can't help but think it must be even worse because she does remember just how close they were and yet now they don't have that anymore. That said, I think you should follow your character's advice and simply let it come to Ray in its own time. I don't think Ray should actively try to remember what his life with Neela was like before. Rather, I think he should start getting to know her again and of course, fall in love with her again. But this time, our roomies can do things right. So for the next chapter, I think you could give us some levity and a lighter episode. Just my two cents worth ;). I look forward to seeing what you ultimately come up with! Thanks :).
6/8/2010 c14 16docrock06
Awesome chapter as always *hugs* I loved the Ray/Abby friendship at the beginning, so any more of that in the next chapter would be great :) I can't wait to see what you have in store for us!

4/17/2010 c13 8ERclaireER
Another great chapter, though I didn't expect anything less from you. Can't wait for more.

4/15/2010 c13 3Miss kg
Hey BB - I love it and the twists you have. I hope it eventually comes back - but I'm like - what will happen when he gets his memory back...

Can't wait for the next chapter.
4/15/2010 c13 16docrock06
Awesome chapter! I loved everything, and I can't wait to see if Ray remembers about Neela (*hopeful eyes* I hope that he remembers)

Always love reading your stories and I was so happy when I saw that this was updated :)
4/3/2010 c12 1paxmia
whoa! that was good! i forgot to read my fav ER stories so sorry i haven't reviewed!

3/12/2010 c12 3Miss kg
I love it Babyblue - can't believe the end - oh the suspense with where this is going me is killing me but I love it! Can't wait for more. Sorry about being so late to read it but I've been snowed under with so much work! It's mad! Hope all is well lovel! :P
2/19/2010 c12 3Historianic
Oh wow! What a great twist! Now Ray's going to fall in love with Neela all over again :D I can't wait! You certainly know how to keep us on our toes ;) Update asap please! Thanks.
2/19/2010 c12 16docrock06
Awesome chapter! Oh, I can't wait to read more, and that was a great twist at the end!
1/25/2010 c11 3Miss kg
Hey BB - I love it and there is so much suspense now. A total twist to the plot and I love it in a real odd way...

Can't wait for more! Update soon - even though I could review a lot sooner... ;D
1/24/2010 c11 3Historianic
The plot thickens! And I love Ray as Neela's knight in shining armour so to speak, love protective!Ray. Update asap please! You're doing a brilliant job as usual :D
1/23/2010 c11 2tiger-tiger27
Wow this chapter was so dramatic and went one way then the other! Had me on tenterhooks - you did the suspense well! Cant wait to see what happens to Ray! xx
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